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  1. I log one acc to write in this forums and active detection ip x2 ,in mine play game acc . queue list stop Msg system error account is in use relog acc 14 h to queue 560 :)) and fail system error .
  2. milene

    Gain Exp

    mobs easy kill to archer no more +-3 lvl your level
  3. rigth at momment may be ncsoft changes and found 3rd class
  4. in classic all class down mp fast -better is prepare your character for mele or mele-range mix. 60% debuff 30 %mele damage 10% magic Bss is one ruin . opps edit for me Warlock
  5. Um step one look item step 2 mouse in item step 3 click for buy step 4 look adena cost in window trade . step 5 keep calm ---repetead all steps and buy . scams off .
  6. The best classic is whitout BOX All races all class neccesary for play --->delete box except markets Queue server off all people play all races on and playable
  7. same in stair execution and acces to raid ,in windows character is stoped ,4 sec window black ,and restar character in different loc.
  8. classic----> karma =kinder egg runner
  9. Classic u need to kill raid comand channel arroun 5-15 pt - good tank runer or tanks --slaves guides kill mode this raid -class -race-element- PD : for me AQ in this classic is paper
  10. milene

    May be bug

    Raid penal top level no found -more 9 drop 0 xp 0 check i take xp more 10 --penal none Quest top level no found ---15 --21 orc reward 5000 i complete whit level 23 and take reward. Reward level character death i change level recover reward level up excess penal vs mob +-3 level . Vip bugg (edit bug) people no vip farm aoe ,come one vip 4 solo mode and take x4 full drops ((system compensations?). delay drop more 5 secounds . acc manager -login manager - 300 on list = 5h ¿really ? no more new player on conect no more vips -¿may be strategic busness is fail ?¿people whit
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