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  1. Hello, Sorry for my english but with all due respect.. why increasing all drop and not the specific areas that presents the issue? Regards,
  2. Honestly I do not get why people complain so much.. Adena is hard I know.. but if I can farm without using SS..I do it, I use the SS for some situations and not others to save money... GK is expensive.. Yeah it is.. but run to save money.. Honestly I enjoy the game like it is now..makes me remember the old C1 that I played back in the day.. Just my opinion
  3. I do not agree with you insulting people but I do agree with you in the aspect that people cry more than they should. I find that the game as it is now is challenging and I like it.. I do not like exp scrolls or buff scrolls at all.. but well..
  4. Hello all, I started playing L2 Classic a day ago and I have some questions. I am sure many were answered on other threads but I am currently at work and I do not have time to read all of them so sorry. 1.- Max character lvl in classic? 2.- Max Equipment Grade? 3.- Quests for class change (lvl 20 and lvl 40) are the old ones? I mean, 1 quest for lvl 20 and 3 different quests for the items for lvl 40? (I loved those quests) 4.- What chronicles are mixed in L2 Classic? C1, C2 ,etc 5.- What aspects of newer versions are present in L2 Classic? ( graphics, UI , etc ) Th
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