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  1. Unfortunately they don't listen to the players. Do you really think they applied any modifications suggested by Woody? They just clamored an update to be able to sell brooch jewelry. L2 Coin is such a pathetic thing.
  2. only buff cat? OMG, Patetic
  3. Learn to Make Money

    My friend Katarina is right, the prices are high and it keeps away new players who don't know if they are really going to stay on the server, so why invest? Final result less playes. If this server survives for 2 years it will be a victory. However Mixa and ANK are also right, invest who can. For me it's only a matter of time before the server closes.
  4. Server Fix !

    Well I'm very sad about the end of the classic on NA servers. Woody left, my friends left and today I'm also hanging out with some friends. We are migrating to another server with active support and where it is worth investing. Unlike the theater that JUJI and HIME does with the players. Anyway, I wish everyone to continue a good game. For ADMs and GMs I wish the same treatment that has been offered to me, I wish that when they are in doubt, the nurse speaks, I will send an email to the doctor.
  5. Server Fix !

    Juji answers for us, why did NCSOFT let the game reach the brink of death? Why didn't you analyze the great loss of players? Did you need to get to this point? We need a deadline, because the longer we are here, the more impatient we become and the less players we hold. Even with the merge, my friends went to play in the European. As you can have items in the game worth 1,000,000,000 if the best drop of adena is 4,000, it is clear that you have placed items only for those who pay.
  6. Server Fix !

    I would like to ask the players, why to expect a sensible response from the administrators is to waste our time. Do you believe that the classic has salvation? Do you believe that the classics will save you from bankruptcy? Do you believe that GMs, DEVs and others managed to restore the server? Everything is possible, I am a company administrator, with more than 300 thousand clients, I have a degree in administration, a postgraduate degree in management of processes, and MBA and e-commerce and what NA servers lack is administration. I have property I have luggage to talk to, what happened to the classic servers was a true example of incompetence. Unfortunately today, a friend left the game, and I'm doing this post as a farewell. You managed to kill another player's dream. Take this to the development team, maybe they can resurrect a dead dream in real life.
  7. Server Fix !

    Thank you all. Unfortunately my clan and I are leaving Talking Island. Unfortunately, these administrators proved to be the worst professionals that a server could have. I can't understand how they can be so incompetent. Sorry for the outburst, but we have other games, more exciting and even more serious Lineage2 servers
  8. Server Fix !

    Gludio is dead, he has no players. Aden is dead, he has no players. And the guy thinks this topic was open, why did a clan stop making profits? I don't play on the GIRAN server, so ignore these players who complain about who opened the POST I play on the TI server, and today when I woke up there was no yellow store buying items, only purple stores selling items. That explains a lot, players with P2WIN items selling items to a population without adena. The game would be better if the GM logged at least 20 minutes a day and banned BOTs and BANNED THE IPS OF ANYONE ADVERTISING ADENA. Sometimes I think NCSoft took a big lawsuit due to some BAN and today is afraid of a mass ban. GM please improve the drop rate of adena, reconfigure areas 80+, create instances for at least 27 players, something that needs dynamics and not multiple boxes. Finally, ignore all those who are crying, because a player reached level 85 and decided to help the community.

    NCSOFT need GM Online please
  10. new idea about bots

    The reporting button could give a skill that decreased to 1 speed. To remove it the player should access the menu and click on a button called, withdraw bot report, a window would appear where he would enter a random code that appeared on the screen, to prevent the bots to withdraw alone. This report button could only slow down players who are not in pvp, siege, or killing boss. Come on development team, you are smart and professional and I am only 13 years old and I discovered a way to make life difficult for cheaters. Come on please help us, have clan distancing by sweating bot, has player getting rich selling adena.