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  1. @Juji l2 its an open pvx world and with this you are making the games just a pve bullshit. No pvp for dragons. No pvp in dim siege. You cant war a clan under 14 ppl, so geared ppl is forming clan with 2cps and go and try to port into dragons and you cant do shit becouse you cant pk them nor war them, at least make dragon pvp area! You cant pk ppl who does not have the balls to fight for his spot. Konwing how useless your dev team are AFK players will drop their items. Ty for take away all the fun of l2.
  2. OMG cry MOOOREEE plz, go and play another game, l2 is a pvp game!!! but plz keep crying about pk system !!!
  3. You can do more than that, make dragons pvp zone, make sos pvp zone, make elven pvp zone. @Juji already fail in classic server because you do not listen to your customers, try to do something with this game, make it fun, push people to pvp you will have more purchases in your store!!!
  4. +100000000000000000000000 we need more time and promo runes 200% plz!!!!!
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