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  1. make event dragon bows require 1 coupon..... and make up for 1 week loss of even time postponing the event for an extra week..
  2. Once again the ncsoft moderators with their infinite wisdom has decided with no shame at all of themselves even at those holy days of Christmas to put a PAY TO PLAY event. As far I know at Christmas people giving gifts what kind of GIFT is that when players have to pay to play an event? I vote and I urge all players to vote for free of adena charge Cristmas RED LIBRA quest event... please all that agree skip the comments and just say "+" to my post. Thank you very much
  3. To forum moderator: can you make the beggining of this thread a poll so the community can vote upon a,b,c choices? It's obvious the community take seriously the macro issue and we want to vote.
  4. Thank you for improving my idea so most people agree that macro loop should be stoped every 1 hour and if you are there u can start it again with out reuse time. I must admit that its better this way...as far for the supporters of unlimited macro loop, i understand them very much, not only for their limited time of playing but also this game has impact in our health physicaly and mentaly, the problem is that there so many afkers than spots to farm...
  5. This is how a macro should work so nobody can abuse it: a) For every 1 hour of usage, there should be a reuse time delay ... this way u can still do things easyer than manual but also prohibits macro abusers which own a spot for hours and hours. b) When 1-2 hours of usage ends, macro loop should auto-disabled and someone must be there to activate it again if he wants to continue with it . c) None of the above - continue as it was. ps: vote (a) my idea or (b) the community's improvement on my idea, and added one more option respecting the opinio
  6. Talking from personal experience , playing l2 for more than 12 years and having damage my health ( permanent spine & neck issues ) from playing it hours and hours continusly, macro was a relief for me even though I do most of thigns manualy, macro future is a great help especialy for those huge 10.000 quests of insanity i call them because those who invent them and apply them havent spend even 1 hour to see how painful for the body it is and how stressful this game has become that not only damage your body but also your inner peace of mind...
  7. I have same problem which started 4/4/2018... I made a ticket and those ignorants who call themselves moderators said that my pc doesnt meet the requirements to run goddess of destruction.... so does anybody remember how long ago Goddess of Destruction was installed? Because if it was installed long before the last update they definately have lost their mind.... because I had no problem at all before 4/4/2018. Let me tell you my guessing of what is happening after the last update.... NCSOFT worthless and lazy moderators took a korean patch and install
  8. Can you apply this future to /target also?
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