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  1. Dual/Fist extra Extra Fixed Damage (Attribute x2)?

    I think Elemental damage is calculated with P.Atk... a Two-Hand sword/Retributer uses the full P.Atk with full Element to determine Elemental Damage, a Dual Sword/Fist weapon uses 50% P.Atk with full Element to determine Elemental Damage(if Element was divided then you would only get bonus when target has nearly 0 resistance) Or the Elemental damage is calculated based on your full Element vs. Target's Resistances... then divided 50% per hit(It all works out pretty much the same)
  2. https://l2wiki.com/Exploring_the_Dimension_-_Sealing_the_Dimension the Unidentified Zodiac Packs(untradeable until opened, for Zodiac[type] pack which are tradeable) now open to Zodiac Charm Packs... should work with 30-day packs from Ultimate Pack too.
  3. Bug on NPC Natools

    You can only do 1 Fallen Angel quest from the Shadow Fox Quests: If you choose Dawn https://l2wiki.com/Fallen_Angel_-_Request_of_Dawn you turn in quest in Gludio Temple to High Priest Raymond If you choose Dusk https://l2wiki.com/Fallen_Angel_-_Request_of_Dusk you turn in quest in Gludio Dark Elf guild to Grand Master Tobias
  4. Problem with forgotten scroll

    Mentor has Party with Mentees(who have the Quest) but Mentor does all the killing(one-shot the MOBS), gets most of the XP and Mentees get the Quest Items just for following around, kinda the same as ppl take Quest on subclass then change to Main Class for the killing, acquiring Quest Items, then change back to subclass to turn in Quest
  5. Problem with forgotten scroll

    It's still GOOD solo XP when you've used up your VP... and a break from tripping over other ppl in crowded Quest Areas... Mentors Power Questing their Mentees(and ppl using Main Class to one-shot MOBs, to turn in Quests on subclass)
  6. I think a better part of this buff is the range(and Atk boost increase per level, the Magic power doesn't increase)... you don't need to be face-to-face with the mobs, so you don't need to take as much damage(you can avoid AoE attacks easier) I might even try some Magic Robes/M.Atk Hat and retributer, but the point is just looking at stats doesn't give an absolute answer each ISS has their strong points and shortfalls.
  7. primeval island

    The Guy farthest from the Beach... https://l2wiki.com/Asher but I think he still charges you 50k. swim off the dock with Map open when it says Rune Territory you can use SOE.
  8. http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=1828&start=200 I'm still playing around with it, But I don't think it's worth the BSSR(with on-screen Damage it shows P.Dam + M.Damage) I had some Event BSSR and Dual Swords, maybe with Retributer it could be better... I went through about 4k BSSR before I turned it off(Higher M.Atk and single blows??) it isn't alot of M.Damage, but any extra DPS is welcome(the Buff boosts both P.Atk and M.Atk more with each level).
  9. Self Buff adds Magic Damage to normal hits https://l2wiki.com/Hands_of_Einhasad_-_Iss_Hierophant @Lvl 99: For 5 minutes, P. Atk./M. Atk. +9% and default attack range +150. Inflicts divine magic damage dealt by normal attacks with 50 Power added to M. Atk. Normal Hits can use both SS and BSS if you have the Dwarfs to make it cheap.
  10. Event NPC MIssing

    Eve is by the Warehouse not on the Event stage
  11. Iss skill bugg

    That is done with Chaos Essence(L2store Main class or Dual Class)it is $Pay$ for customized skills, not likely to be changed. Red Libra is only for Dual Class and all skills are reset to the new class(or you could Have Tyrr Duelist Dual class with 3rd Class Spectral Dancer skills)
  12. Change race me main.

    Chaos Essence does not reset 3rd Class skills... if you were Aeore Shillien Saint and had kept Prophecy of Wind then used Chaos Essence to change to Aeore Cardinal you would keep Prophecy of Wind. Dyes are not deleted.
  13. Change race me main.

    L2store Chaos Essence can change (Human) Aeore Cardinal to (Human) Aeore Shillien Saint You keep Level and any Skills that are common to both classes will keep enchants(except skills learned with Rune Stones which are lost without compensation). L2Store Race Change can change (Human) Aeore Cardinal to (Dark Elf) Aeore Cardinal only Racial Passive skills are changed(keep Level and all skills).
  14. Clan Quests Roll-over

    The NEW Clan Leveling system has Roll-over for Claiming Contribution bonuses(I claimed for 2k + 7k at the same time) I'd like to see the same for the Clan Quests, if you are hunting with AFK Macro or AFK Fishing when you do claim counter resets to 0... it would be nice to claim up to 5x at once(maybe even make Fishing faction quest min. 100 or up to 500 catches)
  15. Can't leave clan