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  1. Actually it's more like NCKorea(our stepdad) is skeptical that NCWest(his partner) has been honest about why the "step-kids" don't even look like her!!(or her previous supposed partners)
  2. TBH I would negotiate my dwindling NCoin reserves... However; The Siege Support Box identifies as "Unable to Trade/Drop" and the Gift option is disabled since there is a Purchase Restriction.
  3. lost in translation: They are saying, they can Host a Server without Lag or DC... then goes off on our accumulating Issues.
  4. The 1-85 Quests used to have 2 versions before this UPDATE... 1 just for Ertheia, and one for everyone else. With this patch they have been merged/rewritten so that everyone has the same Quests. If your Character is Bugged, you can Try to contact Support on the tab above(and hope they understand the issue), try to trigger the new Quests yourself, or delete the Toon(if you delete it yourself, you can use the same name again)
  5. NCwest is the Red-headed step-child of a KOREAN company... Our Government can't make NCkorea love us!(Korean culture is not accepting of mixed heritage people)
  6. Still getting it here... even when the MOBS are Dark Blue, I thought Ether was influenced by Drop rate modifiers(I'd recommend light blue minimum so you can farm Homunculus points and Clan Missions) Fairy Settlement still gives Ether even when MOBS are Dark Blue... use Fairy Charm for free TP, don't use shots, Spirit Ore Skills or any other consumables and you might be able to craft something in 4-6 months(if you farm the other ingredients too.)
  7. Whatever has caused this may also be related to Ertheia Sayune problems... it seems to happen even when the C-grade mask has worn off(just not every Ertheia, so it may affect some other Appearances/Armor textures.)
  8. Why are they still making NEW Appearances... but disabling all normal Armor skins AND Armor Appearances when there are more than 50 toons around you(Ugly NEW D/C-grade Appearance for everyone with ++glow effect) This is the first step to losing Armor and Hat Appearances... might as well keep Exalted forever if you can't customize anything.
  9. Really looks like the "Impartial" Judges did google "Lineage 2 screenshot contest" or similar query... If it was an Adena Art contest both screens with Adena Art would have paled in comparison to most every other submission(the CP or Clan Screen has some degree of merit but the other one is meh) (No text, watermarks or edits, and entries must not contain any potentially copyrighted or trademarked designs) this part was understood to discourage Adena Art in general, and specific TM names/logos like Pepsi or Coca-cola.
  10. Thank you, I do have Beauty shop hairdos so I can turn off Accessory display option as a last resort.
  11. That's pretty funny... I have heard of ppl with 2-slot appearance on a 1-slot accessory but that is not the normal function... it was a bug/exploit and it still only used 1-slot. Keep on attacking, I've given up trying to reason with you and now you've absolutely earned a spot on my /block list with sesh/sesh2 Not everyone who logs in to the game has the same goals you do, but most of your posts are single minded, aggressive and demeaning to other players. https://forums.lineage2.com/profile/69312-thethrax/content/ do not expect any response from me...
  12. 1 simple question and you come out in attack mode ignoring the topic completely Try to change the topic still ignoring what was actually asked And accuse me of impersonating someone you may have actually met once. OK you win Forum PVP point. I surrender you can ignore my question forever kk. I don't know you, or who you think I'm pretendiing to be... but when Innova went Free to play there were plenty of NCWest players went to try it out, some even paid premium for a few months so they could load multiple clients... I used 2 PC and I could run 1 Innova Client on ea
  13. PS I've been around since Open Beta, and everyone I used to play with quit before Free to play(and any who did come back after did not stay more than 4-6 weeks) so don't hold your breath waiting for me to emoquit.(I was even playing Innova and here Harmony/Tauti days)
  14. I don't remember asking anything about any of this, you may not care about Cosmetic items but some people do... the topic is can I put APP on Stage 1 Wings and if I ever upgrade to Stage 2 will I lose the APP(I know I'll never upgrade to Stage 4 so I'll never be able to share it) Wings of Splendor Active Skill will make it more useful than my Noblesse which just has HP/run speed augment, even at stage 1(Stage 2 will give bonus with Circlet)
  15. WTH have I done "wrong"... I am asking before buying and I've said nothing about Adena(other than the NPC price). I am using Noblesse with an old APP(Mask of Spirits) I have gotten Goggles and Golden Glasses after I modified it... I would rather keep Noblesse and Modify another useful 1-slot Face Accessory(or I'll just use Goggles without Augment or ++)
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