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  1. YAY, Juji NCsoft's BEST Ambassador/Producer...
  2. Lineage2 icons better resolution.

    I thought you were looking for the complete collection... anyways you can use GIMP or Photoshop etc scale the image then sharpen/blur colorize etc(this I scaled from your collection) https://www.gimp.org/downloads/ NOT Mage Race(??)... Humans, both Fighters and Mystics have the same racial emblem, passives etc.
  3. Little wing quest

    They are endangered species(they practically only survived for this quest) they are on a tiny slice of land on the eastern part of the Plains of the Lizardmen next to the road to Hunter's Village. https://l2wiki.com/Plains_of_the_Lizardmen#Plains_of_the_Lizardmen_-_low-level_mobs
  4. Lineage2 icons better resolution.

    Generic GoD Awakened Classes are there too... on main page https://l2wiki.com/Main_Page 3rd column "Races and classes" at the bottom of the upper section: https://l2wiki.com/Sigel_Knight
  5. Lineage2 icons better resolution.

    https://l2wiki.com/Availability_of_Subclasses These are pre-awakened classes... This one is Paladin(I right clicked/copy image address, but you can save/copy image too) they are all Green 2-tone, you should be able to convert to grey-scale easily. https://l2wiki.com/Sigel_Phoenix_Knight the Awakened Classes should be on the top of main part of page click each one to go to it's own page...
  6. 2 BUG, buff iss, and skill sum

    If your ISS has ++ sonatas, and you want to get NPC Adventurers' Guide 60min sonatas(or 30min Buff item)... then you need to remove the ++ sonatas(Alt+click IIRC) before taking the 30min buffs. [Any ++ buff can only be overwritten by same ++ (or better), or higher level with or w/o ++]
  7. Novice Adventurer's Bracelet

    All of the Novice Adventurer's items(Shirt/Belt/Bracelet) were barely added to the Daily Mission rewards for Grand Crusade https://l2wiki.com/Daily_Missions ... unfortunately the Daily Mission Interface was re-worked into the Clan Quest interface for Salvation... so they are no longer available. [under the 3 Quests for ToI it says Novice Adventurer's Bracelet was Level 47 reward... https://l2wiki.com/Bracelets#Related_Quests ) since the Daily Mission rewards included (bound)Steel-Door Weapons/Armor and tradeable Shirt/Belt/Bracelet for each Grade as you leveled, your best/cheapest option is https://l2wiki.com/Bracelet_of_Insolence B-Grade 4-slot which should be fine for Level 52-99ish, when you can start leveling an Aria's Bracelet.
  8. Abundance Talisman

    Talisman - Abundance Pack inside Noble/Divine/Ultimate packs http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/new-item-packs-11112015.php
  9. Dyes Question

    With Paulina's Equipment, and fast leveling you should NOT need any Dyes before Awakening(Paulina's Weapons have 2 SAs, and Armor 2-3 beneficial set effects without detrimental trade-off) 1-85 Dyes do have restrictions... but Awakened Dyes do not. https://l2wiki.com/Dyes_and_Tattoos#Dyes_for_Awakened_classes
  10. Player Level not recognized by NPC

    FotD is hunting ground for Mages(65-70)the XP quests are just for Magic users... any Race(Ertheia has slightly different versions) Swamp of Screams is Hunting Ground for Fighters(65-70) the XP quests are just for Fighters... any Race. Both Mages and Fighters go to Wall of Argos for 70-75, you could Grind to 70 in the tougher spots (FotD/Swamp of Screams) or easier spots at the Wall of Argos. 76-80 Mages and Fighters split between Ketra Orc Outpost and Varka Silenos Barracks... 81-85 everybody goes to Dragon Valley. small quest chain 60+(close to 4m XP, 3 parts) starts in Rune: https://l2wiki.com/Sweet_Whispers
  11. Help me Guide for leveling 1-85 please..

    The quests are repeatable now(not just daily) so if you don't get to the next quest you can go back and redo a quest instead of grinding for terrible XP https://l2wiki.com/The_Alligator_Hunter_returns https://l2wiki.com/The_Outlaws_are_Incoming https://l2wiki.com/The_Reason_One_Cannot_Wait https://l2wiki.com/Defending_the_Forsaken_Plains https://l2wiki.com/Endless_Revenge Magic users:https://l2wiki.com/An_Ominous_Request Fighters:https://l2wiki.com/Assisting_the_Golden_Ram_Army https://l2wiki.com/A_Daunting_Task Magic users:https://l2wiki.com/Weakening_the_Ketra_Orc_Forces Fighters:https://l2wiki.com/Weakening_the_Varka_Silenos_Forces https://l2wiki.com/The_Role_of_a_Watcher
  12. I think that having a Progressive Daily Quest system would encourage players with limited play time to do more variety for their weekly Reputation rewards. Every quest can be completed up to 5 times, then goes to tier 2(2-3x requirements for double reward... but still only counts as 1 quest)up to 5 times, then tier 3: Quest Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 85+ Monsters 500 monsters/1xreward 1000 monsters/2xreward 1500 monsters/3xreward Instances 2x/1xreward 5x/2xreward 10x/3xreward Raid Bosses 4x/1xreward 10x/2xreward 20x/3xreward Fishing 100 catches/1xreward 300 catches/2xreward 700 catches/3xreward Augmenting/Combining/Auction Bidding etc. should be limited to 5each(tier 1) then disabled till weekly reset I have weighted Instances/Raid Bosses/Fishing Heavier to encourage Open Field Hunting(Party Instances also count towards 85+ Monsters... but Solo Instances do not)
  13. Problem with forgotten scroll

    https://l2wiki.com/Forgotten_Scrolls Since the Goddess of Destruction - Harmony update you don't need Forgotten Scrolls to learns skills. The skills can be learned both for Forgotten Scrolls and for SP points in your character's skills window. When you use a Forgotten Scroll to learn a skill, you don't spend any SP. I just did this with an alt(Spectral Dancer used Deflect Magic Book)... using the book saves you SP(the skill gets deleted when you awaken... it's a 4th class skill) If you already Learned the skill for SP then the Book won't work, if you Awakened then the Book won't work... but All New Skills between 76-84 can't be kept after awakening. Maybe there is a bug for that scroll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
  14. $50 will Buy 4000 NCoin... $400 will buy 32,000 NCoin (check the prices for Event Tickets on your server... you should make 1m Adena+/NCoin but too many sellers can lower returns) if the Market is saturated, you could be better off getting a jump on the next event/promo.