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  1. Special Appearance Stone Coupon: exchange not working

    I've got a couple 30-day Valentine Weapon Coupons, I'm not TOO bummed about about these not working as the Coupon is untradeable(the recieved Stone is tradeable, but locked to weapon type)... but the 15-day version is fully tradeable and usually can be found on Auction House(opportunistic sort-of SCAM).
  2. suggestion for PK

    Just make it a passive for Level 1-84, it's pretty lame to see Awakened skills character with glowing +++ weapons & armor, 1 shotting everyone doing the new Tarti quests. Just disable the Teleport system when Rep. is negative & PK count is more than 10, if you're gonna go on a massive PK spree do it OLD SCHOOL, disable Mentee summon & Summoner summon skills too, allow only Item based summon & escape for chaotic characters. PKing should have consequences when it becomes blatantly abusive & griefing, PKing characters higher levels than you or less than 5 levels lower = no penalty, PKing characters 5 to 10 levels lower than you = 1hr debuff level +1 after each 5 PKs (if the debuff hasn't worn off). The greater the level difference the more the debuff increases after each 5 PKs.
  3. Play l2r file

    go to your Lineage2/System Folder and copy L2.bin... re-name to l2.exe then you can run l2.exe directly and it will start Lineage 2 with pre-F2P/P2W Login & Password startup screen and even though YOU CAN'T Log into the server... you do have access to the replay functions through the menus on the right.
  4. Where find 'red scavenger spider' mob?

    Scavenger Spiders are on west-side of Neutral Zone ... https://lineage.pmfun.com/loc/20410/scavenger-spider.html Red Scavenger Spiders are on east-side of Neutral Zone https://lineage.pmfun.com/loc/20393/red-scavenger-spider.html They are Quest Mobs for Elven SS quest(lvl 18 iirc)
  5. Returning player questions.

    They skip Sea of Spores and next quest starts 2 levels earlier(56)... in Forsaken Valley, you'll get permanent A grade when you finish that chain. https://l2wiki.com/Defending_the_Forsaken_Plains
  6. Clan level

    Clan Leader has management options in the Clan Interface window(Level-up button is next to CRP on first tab)... The High Priests/Head Blacksmiths/Warehouse Chiefs etc. are ONLY used to Create/Disband your Clan. https://l2wiki.com/Clans#Interface:_Clan_window
  7. Lvl 49 Bount Hunter

    (Quality of Life)QoL improvements from 3.0? skill seems to exist only for Warsmiths "in a future patch" contact support maybe you can at least get SP back. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spike_-_Bounty_Hunter https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spike_-_Warsmith
  8. Dual box not allowed any more?

    What Windows version, 32 or 64bit?? they had some issues with xigncod3 and 32-bit versions of Windows(not sure if it was Win7/8/8.1/10 or all of them) the more details you give support the BETTER. https://support.lineage2.com/
  9. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    You buy now from Amazon.com or is it Amazon.gr(??)whatever the German site is? Because Amazon.ca has NEVER had NCoin codes(still doesn't) and I've spent a few hundred on Amazon.com over the last couple years(gave my canadian address right from the start... ) and now they WON'T take my money for NCoins... only since Classic was released(it says We noticed you're shopping from Canada. This item is not available for purchase due to geographical restrictions. )Please PM me if you don't want to post any details... I don't want to buy from NCsoft site again.
  10. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    That's all perfectly fine IF you live in the USA(can't you also buy NCoin Cards at Gamestop?) I am in Canada and when I started playing in Open Beta>Prelude You could buy Game cards here... I came back from a long break when GoD went f2p and you could not buy cards in canada anymore. After another break I tried using Canadian prepaid Credit card and NCsoft website didn't like them, a while later I found out that Amazon.com was selling NCoin codes so I started to buy from them, and get the NCoins immediately applied to my Account. Now since Classic Launch Amazon has Region locked the purchase of NCoin codes... so I would need to have an USA address/IP to purchase. To add NCoins now I can only use their website, when I added 400 NCoins to the 2 accounts I use on Classic I had to wait 4 days for my main to get them and nearly 3 days for my box.(they are preexisting accounts, or I probably would have gotten banned.)
  11. WHAT on earth is going on?

    Everytime I get both clients DC I see Kaspersky AV downloading updates(I think it's program update, not just definitions) while doing a quick scan... NCsoft/NCwest/Lineage 2 all in exceptions; xigncod3 doesn't seem to like you staying protected.
  12. Ghost Staff/Staff of Life Recipes will be tough to find, the MOB which drops them is ranged magic user which will try to kite you... so you cant AoE groups(Atuba Hammer/Atuba Mace Recipes drop from mele mobs which can be gathered for AoE... Atuba Mace Recipe should be even easier to spoil) maybe after upcoming fix? https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_Atuba_Mace#Spoil
  13. Stalkers in game, gludio server

    The Wedding Veil is in L2store for 400 NCoin... but the Formal Wear is in the VIP rewards for 25,000 reward coins, so I don't think we'll get the working quest... at least for the foreseeable future
  14. Funny :)

    I think it happens on certain Hills when you log out on an incline(think that you'll be facing East when you log in...) I've had forward leaning version happen too.
  15. I'm NOT advocating everything be Account Bound... just saying some of the Items which are already Character Bound be changed to Account Bound. Then adding the Cheaper(5-10% cost) Unidentified->99% Bound Items just D-C grade even to start; however you could still buy/craft Normal Equipment... when they introduced the unidentified Items for GoD Launch they were Character Bound, I think they would make more sense AND encourage players to have more characters per account if they were now Account Bound. Would you rather every player log in 4-5 accounts and switch characters or have them log 25-30 accounts and leave most of them AFK while they use 4-5 characters?