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  1. Tiger... when you evolve, is Type A/B random?? can we pick, or is it fixed by your class?
  2. Have you seen the Aden section?? they just barely added player to player & bug sections... there are no server based sections, so clan recruitment section is cross-servers.
  3. And Asheron's Call and a few others, played them all before starting Lineage ][ Open Beta... I tried to play them again, over the years(until they shut-down) but just couldn't get into any of them again, after L2.
  4. The contest thread had winners on the last post... it was moved to Archive. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21885-where-are-you-in-game-forum-giveaway/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-149729
  5. OBS is kinda complex, it does have alot of features to figure out(steep learning curve!) I found Flashback Express was fairly easy to use, hotkeys are configurable... and you can add/remove effects like the Mouse highlight(pro version has more features)vid I posted to support/Bug section https://streamable.com/qpewt7
  6. These issues seem to be mostly fixed now, only while the C-grade mask is in effect the hover-outline just shows Character's Head and Weapon(Fists or Retributer) when the C-grade mask is removed, then the full character is outlined. I haven't seen the outline trying to break free for a few weeks now. The Sayune jumps have all been working for me since June 16 update.
  7. The Party Bonus abused by having a box in town is mostly for XP/SP, but if you leave anyone behind with this buff... the Adena loss is more significant(solo 1-shot AoE players would need to bring some leachers or the Adena would not be worth farming anymore)
  8. Adaptive Adena Buff... solo player gets level 1 buff(lasts 30s) increases Adena quantity 50%, Duo party gets level 2 buff(lasts 2m) increases Adena quantity 150%, 3-man party gets level 3 buff(lasts 5m) increases Adena quantity 300%. All Party members must be in range to get the full buff level, or you'll only get buff level for those that are in range(no more leaving box in town for party bonus).
  9. Only 1 Account of mine is old enough to have this Agathion... I don't see it after I summon it, on any of my Toons(it's Dimensional item) F.Orc Fighter/2 F.Dwarf/F.Kamael/2 Ertheia. Has anyone here actually used it, where the Agathion appeared, or has it been bugged since last year?(1st time in Veteran pack)
  10. not any more... just during 17th Anniversary. 17th Anniversary Items Available starting on April 21 through May 19 Item Name Description NCoin Price Restrictions 17th Anniversary - Freya's Rune (30 Day) Happy Anniversary from Lineage II! [Countdown starts immediately upon purchase] Boosts STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN by 1 and increases Confusion Resistance by 10% when having it in your inventory. 1
  11. Previously, the Melodies and Sonatas were 24/7 while you had a Mentor... the Mentor had to be on-line to auto-give harmony, now the Mentor must be on-line for any benefit. You could lose just harmony, and not die(just sloooowwwddd) now buff-less most anyplace 100+ is impending doom.
  12. I have a slight change to offer: Disabling Exalted gear(all Exalted items w/gold icon moved to inventory for 1 week), 10 PKs = 1 week using only Paulina's equipment(or REAL tradeable Weapons/Armor) at least you might recognize the equipment, when you get PKd... generic Exalted no clan PKers you have no clue who they are. there are so many other items I don't think they can implement your idea for all of them, but maybe some key TOP items?
  13. How does that compare if you'd used that many chests for the enchant event? I thought the whole point of buying hundreds of chests was to go for top rewards enchanting. Buy 10-100 at a time just to open/sell, but if you have expert enchanter you decide what +++ to cash in on.
  14. I agree, if every character got stuck... it would have been fixed before anyone figured out it was just the camera was stuck. At least now it is just inconvenient, instead of impossible and game breaking. https://streamable.com/qpewt7
  15. According to Winter of War patch notes, it is a bug that Mammon still sells those... contact Support if you want to get refunded. https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-patch-notes Changed the settings of Merchant of Mammon, Blacksmith, and Priest NPCs. The NPCs are placed permanently in the Town of Aden and Town of Giran, and no longer appear in the Town of Rune. Priests of Mammon no longer appear. Most of the Black Marketeer of Mammon NPC’s functions have been transferred to the Merchant of Ma
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