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  1. Phantom summoner: Shines in melee: Shadows have a VR skill + high dmg. Never played it high enough to know how viable it is in PvP: It has a spark cubic though that can stun people. Warlock: Viable for Melee and Nuke. You can melee with Kat, but you can also use Kai, which has much higher walking speed..slightly higher dmg and a dmg reflection shield.Top for PvP with cube of binding. Good For PvE and Top for PvP. Ele Summoner: Shines in nuking: With 40 you get an AoE unicorn which does serious dmg. A recharger (SE) and a PP for buffs you can Solo AoE pull forever. Depending on
  2. OMG the server is dying. Only 2 pages of whining in the maintenance thread. 2 month ago that would already have been at least a dozen pages.
  3. This was an example. (Dark)Elven Bow uses 1 SS, I wrote about enchanting a reinforced Longbow to +3 and NOT overenchanting it. I just stated in case you overenchant it (most people do sooner or later) you dont lose that much. Even on this server i know 2 guys that crystalized their LXBow without being able to afford it. I bought an Elven bow +4 for 1.1kk. With a lvl 40 archer fighting white mobs i needed 4 shots with it. LXBow+3 needed 3 (not counting crits). I wrote plenty SP for "IMPORTANT" skills.
  4. If you enchant a Reinforced longbow to +3 or higher it does decent damage as well and only eats 1 SS. If you overenchant it you lose 1.5kk for the bow. When doin it with a LXbow you lose 3.5kk. Also it seems i didnt pay enough attention to the game, because i missed any struggle after 40. Aden dungeon XP/SP scrolls, EACs and EWCs, XP scrolls from AI, even more XP scrolls from FoM etc.. When my lock was 45 i did 2 or 3 weeks both dungeons every day and leveled Alts meanwhile. Another option to boost yourself to 45: Stay 40 with your char(s) and gather all these AI scrolls + do the
  5. Maybe casters using shots have it hard making a plus after 40. Melees with at least 1 buff box and a brain make plus. Summoners make plus. Archers can make an easy plus, as they spend half the SS a melee does..IF they use a non top D bow. But heaven knows why...everybody wants a LXBow and pays insane amounts for it despite they never do PvP and dont even want to do PvP. And after that they spend 3 SS per shot, which leads to the 1.790th thread "I am an archer and cant make money". Heaven knows how they were able to buy a 3.5kk weapon (or maybe the gold sellers know as well). Overencha
  6. Where is the logic in that?. Because 1 or some very few can afford that people are rich? ^^ So all the people in Africa are rich and the situation good, because there are some billionaires there as well? When you talk about saying something meaningfull....THATS what you meant?
  7. SO: It is acceptable for the masses to suffer this bot flood and it is not acceptable for a few to solve a captcha? But you are right. If someone sells 38 Demon fang mats and 134 EAD in Giran i do no need a captcha to know he has at least 1 bot group running. And by this amount i know they have not been baned for a LONG time. And all these stories about innocent accounts that have been baned. Sure they come up with a story and try to get their accounts back. They didnt have problems with botting, why should they have them with lying? ^^ And if you think i am wrong: Go to court an w
  8. Guys before you give smart tips to other players about what is allowed and what is not...maybe you should read the Eula before. For 1 player only 3 clients are allowed. Yes you can bypass that by using multiple PCs etc. but it is not allowed. And somewhere i read a GM message...if you get caught with more than 2 boxes...ban. And now we leave the field of knowledge and do smart guesses. Multiple threads say people have been baned because their boxes behaved peculiar. Knowing this I dare say it is at least a high risk to use such a program. Be sure the GMs are no idiots. They know exactly i
  9. Several dozens of bots in Hardins academy for weeks. Then 1 nice day theres a shop in giran selling 38 demon fang mats and 134 EAD. Does anybody else see a connection? ^^ Seeing this i find it VERY hard to believe they really put all their effort into fighting bots.
  10. It is clear NC system has lots of problems. It is a paradise for botting people. Even for those who bot in a stupid way. High Adena drops in low level areas + Low drops in high areas = Bot groups in AC for example. Saw a whole naked group Teleporting to AC and running directly to mobs to get killed. Again and again. All on exactly the same way. After that they are able to bot efficiently in AC again. Suppose when they get banned, they just start another group. Thanks to the high drops in low lvl areas and the free teleports it is not much of a loss for them, as they reach their bot
  11. @ZeekiI hardly doubt you ever played classic back then. Cleaning PK points in the early classic meant you had to level a sin eater. For that you had to kill mobs that were within your xp range. A melee with average equip needed hours. In that time you did not get XP / SP / drops / Adena. And 95% of all people could not afford to do it with shots. As far as i remember you cleared 1-5 PK points max. Not sure about that though. And do not forget it was always possible to drop stuff when you got killed, without being chaotic. So even if you were not chaotic but had a high PK counter you d
  12. 5 Hours? New Chronicle? Mars attacks? Did the Russians attack? Oh no its just NC West. They all loved the early years of L2 classic so much, that they event kept up the maintenance times from back then. Now i want the 10 minute server restarts every day at 12 o clock as well. Thats exactly the time another big game company needs for content patches to their famous three letter MMO.
  13. Now really?? Just use a non top bow. It eats 1 SS. Farm green mobs. 3 or 4 hits = mob dead. 4x 10 A = 40 Adena. Drop will 100% be higher = you will make Adena. Kill mobs that drop arrows. Make buy shops for bone and steel arrows etc. etc. . Plus there are other ways: buy things cheap, sell them more expensive. If you only make 100k a day this way, its 1kk in 10 days and 3 kk in a month (without putting much effort into it) When a caster needs 2 shots he spends 100a for the same purpose. Any melee damage dealer will need double as much soulshots to kill a mob. What is it alwa
  14. Go to options > Chat common > in keyword filtering you enter "has been activated" > and check "notifiy sound" below. With every successfull spoil you will get a loud sound now when your spoil has been activated (once when u log in too for shots, hope you dont activate them by hand ^^).
  15. FT and Ant nest are extremely overcrowded as well. Sometimes in FT there are more players than monsters. At least to the times i play. I dont see any way to make 2kk xp / h there. Ant nest inside is crowded as well. At the soldiers etc. wou wont make 3kk. Respawn much too slow. To kill noble ant captains with low chars you need damned good plussed equip and/or a very high buffer/healer. Else your healer will fast run out of mana.
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