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  1. Banhammer

    Reply from a main account or don’t talk. It is not only on naia server it is bad on chronos as well from what I hear. Won’t go into it here with you anyways it’s a simple request, with that said the ban should not only be on the account using it should be perma bans for every account logged from the ip the program was being used on. Foto it’s not yet April but you for sure should not be replying here of all people you need to disk wipe.
  2. Banhammer

    Could we please get another banhammer and wipe all adrenaline users out? I know you know who is using and who isn't maybe with the update slide a sneaky ban wave in? It's starting to get out of control yet again.
  3. I would actually not be against shutting servers down permanent like some have suggested if you refund the ncoin. GM's here once a week to post "We restarting server and giving you an event while we screw you in other aspects" isn't a good product line. Then You screw things up and show up to say oh sorry we screwed things up let us screw them some more and then revert back to a lagged out server but you wont complain because you were railed by us right before it.
  4. I refuse to believe you guys are this incompetent on your job. Unbelieve how you can constantly screw things up every single time you touch something.
  5. Is this possible by Hand?

    Now I don’t like to get on here and reply to stupid things but since you want to bring me in let’s do this. Why did he use programs the 3 other times he got toons perma banned? He could kill everyone the same then as he can now. The guy has said on teamspeak he will not play game while program isn’t working because he is unable to play like that. So you think he used a macro for drspark? He amazing made a macro for a guy that is in a pve clan 98% of the time and pvps just for sieges? You want to tell everyone he was like oh this drspark is so powerful I need a macro for him. No offense to him but the same drspark that loses every single 1v1 he does with Fairchild who has kelbim, no pvp jewels, and no dark parts in his set. This same drspark? Get real, he is not using any macro he could achieve some of what he does with fingers yes but the fact is he does not, you know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it. The main people saying oh he isn’t using any program is max they can’t afford to lose a 3rd clan because of his bot usage. Let’s just call this what it is, program usage that ncsoft won’t do shit about because they have no balls and would have to ban more than just him because of program usage.