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  1. Juji - Hime Fix the skills of Dark Elf Daggers, doesnt work in toi 3 and that was intentioned. Dark Elf dagger without debuff is the worst decision in an update, dont hurt more the game plz.
  2. @Juji @Hime Hi Admins, i want to ask why u disabled the skills hex and critical wound in mobs in toi, specific toi 3?? why have you disable the skills of dark elf daggers but in other classes works at 100%???? for example Grand Kavathari can debuff but dark elf dagger not....
  3. wow, the rate of xp and sp in Wall of argos is very low.... is one of the hunting zones with more xp for mob in the game and drops 35k xp in party of 5?. and Lcoins are not dropped in elemental zones ????
  4. Question, can someone explain me What happen with that pendent?? What is the problem with that, TY.
  5. 1000-1500 online is awesome, do u know how many real players are we? A/ in dion we are 150 in a good day.
  6. sry my friend, but i saw that mage weapon have less % than a melee weapon (like 40%). Last night i broke my Dark Screamer from +4 to +5. and all the server with +10 weapons that is our lucky man.
  7. BUT WITH x3 +15 CM u can sell it for more than 1k euradenas ? or no? +16 is only for crazy people, 33% to enchant.
  8. same problem, still with error when u pick a server. TY NCSOFT, waiting a week for nothing, now another week.......
  9. My desire was always to play on an official server l2 to interact with a Gm's, but now that I'm playing on an official server I'm disappointed, this game does not have an administrator, it does not have rules to play legally, I can say that other illegal servers have more activity than this, so sad to see this situation in the lineage. ps: I reported a full bot party a month ago, and the answer was always "we are under investigation", a month to ban a bot party that plays 24 hours ... you are not investigating the cure for cancer. ..... OMG ticket # 23218429 @Hime
  10. that is not true my friend, all who play lineage knows that have to PVP some day, choose another server for a"easier gameplay" is only BS, u never expect that ur server are going to die soon. I started playing in gludio with many friends and family because i started playing 2 weeks after launch, TI and Giran was Full, and nobody wanted spend a VIP to play, so that argumentation is not valid, this is a problem of company, no by players.
  11. Hi ppl, Many saw this information in another post, we want to be recurrent because this is an imporant thing and have to be soon, Gludio and Aden server need a merge, i dont care the new horary between those servers, we need a change now, gludio with 1.2k of ppl, and aden with 1.7k, meanwhile giran with 5k and TI with 4k. So NCSOFT admins, we need solutions in the next updates, real solutions, players of those servers are quiting because no players to play, no players to trade, etc etc. A solution is not create another pj in that servers, im not going to waste 3-4 months for nothing.
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