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  1. Hello GM... i will just raise my concern on the quest on bathis lvl 20-25... the place is full of farmers that the new player cannot hit a mobs and therefore cannot finish the quest... hope actions will be taken so that we new player can enjoy... tnx...
  2. I would like to onow if what kind of weapon i will buy? Should i use blunt or a staff? Also, is it necessary to buy a top ng weapon or should i focus on the d grade weapon? Thnx in advance...
  3. Thnx for the reply... i would just like to ask if many will look for shaman to party on lvl 20+ so that i wil not feel bored on the game?
  4. Ty for the reply... i am planning to be a warcryer since it is more useful with or without a clan... i am lvl 18 now and i would just like to ask if what i would get first, a gear or a weapon?
  5. Good day guys.. i am planning to play the game and i am planning to select the orc shaman and warcyer in 2nd class transfer.... I am hoping you can help me or present some guide for me.... thank you in advance... PS: i am new to the game...
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