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  1. OK got it bro.... tnx for the HELP.... :D
  2. I do have trio with me... archer + tank + iss.. got no problems when i was lvling from 1 to 98.. i always have full mana but when i reach 99 and transfer to blazing swamp my mana cannot catch up anymore...
  3. Is it normal that when you reach lvl 99 your mana cannot catch up anymore with your skills? When i start my quest on blazing my mana cannot catch up anymore ... is it normal or is it becoz of the place or any other reason?
  4. LF pinoy mentor to help me in the game... got no clue what to do anymore at lvl 99... ☺☺☺
  5. Thank you so much for the suggestion... currently doing the trio now and it really works... only when i reach lvl 99 that im having hard time coz i always out of manna... is it normal that at lvl 99 ur manna cannot catch up with your skills?
  6. Good day everyone... Just want to ask if what will be the Good Trio Class to enjoy in PVE... New Player here.... your suggestions will be much appreciated... ☺☺☺
  7. Hello GM... i will just raise my concern on the quest on bathis lvl 20-25... the place is full of farmers that the new player cannot hit a mobs and therefore cannot finish the quest... hope actions will be taken so that we new player can enjoy... tnx...
  8. I would like to onow if what kind of weapon i will buy? Should i use blunt or a staff? Also, is it necessary to buy a top ng weapon or should i focus on the d grade weapon? Thnx in advance...
  9. Thnx for the reply... i would just like to ask if many will look for shaman to party on lvl 20+ so that i wil not feel bored on the game?
  10. Ty for the reply... i am planning to be a warcryer since it is more useful with or without a clan... i am lvl 18 now and i would just like to ask if what i would get first, a gear or a weapon?
  11. Good day guys.. i am planning to play the game and i am planning to select the orc shaman and warcyer in 2nd class transfer.... I am hoping you can help me or present some guide for me.... thank you in advance... PS: i am new to the game...
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