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  1. 52 minutes after, half server Disconnected hehehe https://i.imgflip.com/yyz96.jpg
  2. Since the maintenance of the Wednesday (20/03) your servers are crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing, sometimes the entire server logout, sometimes just few people, sometimes half of the partys... It was 10 days ago when started to occur (even the log in wasnt working), and there are still problems involving your servers TEN days after. We all know that u're REALLY bussy banning bots and adena sellers, and making this classic servers much more enjoyable than all the others, but well, we cannot fishing, we cannot have private stores just because the server is crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing, and many of us have paid for this. Use a 5% of the money you made with the pendants in buying new servers and stop making us angry. THANK YOU In advance for do your job as a competent company!!
  3. new DB instead of l2wiki ??

    Hihi! Yeah, it would be great a wiki for this server, but man, they're working really hard in banning bots, fixing the loging problems that we're experiencing just 1 week and so... Step by step, the server just opened 6 months ago, we cannot have everything from the beginning. Be patient!! Our spoilers can wait 1 or 2 years more to find the right mobs to spoil for the recipes we need.
  4. Dragon pendants event details

    Thanks so much! The text was clear, but i needed to confirm, many people were asking and had doubts.
  5. Dragon pendants event details

    @Hime@Juji Guys, I know you're very very bussy doing your job, banning bots, banning adena sellers, providing the server of what people (clients ask), but i think A LOT OF PEOPLE would thank you if you respond to my question. I dont get why wouldnt you respond to it, is totally senseless all this "secrecy" and mostly with the items that cost REAL MONEY (yeah, those that u wouldnt add at the begining). but WILL YOU KEEP THE DRAGON PENDANTS IN THE STORE AFTER 7:00 AM OF THE NEXT WEDNESDAY??? Thank you in advance, and thank you for all your EFFORT!! We're really proud of admins likes you, dont ruin this not asking a very simple question!
  6. Many people is asking the same question: Would you delete the pendants from the store after the 27th of march? Or just the free pendants will dissapear? We can read in the "news" this lines: (So looks like the event will finish on March 27 at 7am. And you wouldnt be able to buy more pendants from the L2 Store) Can some1 confirm that this info is right or not? Thank you! Event Details The Dragon Pendants event is taking place on the Lineage II Classic servers only The event will begin after maintenance is complete on February 27 and will end on March 27 at 7:00 a.m. server time. As a limited time bonus, from February 27 to March 6, each type of Dragon Pendant can be picked up from the L2 Store for FREE. Players will be limited to one of each type of Dragon Pendant per account.
  7. [GIRAN] La Madriguera Recluta!!!

    Seguimos buscando!! Cambiamos el focus: Dagueros/PR/Elven Elder/Sword Singer! Últimos 3 slots libres!
  8. [GIRAN] La Madriguera Recluta!!!

    Seguimos buscando gente. Tenemos Clan Hall en el centro histórico de Dion, a 10 metros de la plaza!! Actualmente somos 25 activos, principalmente nos vendría bien: 1. Bishop 1. Tank 3. DD's Pero no hacemos ascos a nada!
  9. Hi, yea, im playing @ Giran. So you already answered me, Thank you!
  10. hihi, some1 can tell me which is "server time" ? PST? Im playing in GMT+1, so i just wanna know "My siege's time". Thank you in advance!
  11. Clan Hall Auctions

    There are no Blessed/Improved Scroll of Escape available in the Clan Hall Shops?
  12. Clan lvl 3 con unas 20 personas activas aproximadamente, busca reclutar (preferiblemente en grupos) hasta llegar a los 30 activos. Solemos hacer RBs 45+ 2-3 veces en semana y tenemos varios clanes aliados, tanto hispanos como internacionales. No buscamos CPs Somos gente que tiene vida fuera del juego (trabajo/novia/familia/nos gusta ver el sol y tomar el aire), y buscamos gente similar, no robots ni ninis con aspiraciones de dominar el mundo. Lo ideal sería gente que pudiera jugar por las tardes (hora europea) pues es cuando más estamos. Somos muy activos en discord y los RBs los hacemos en TS para poder comunicar con el resto de partys de otros clanes. No hay cuota semanal ni mensual. Solemos tener caja todos los días y bufo de exp de lv.3. Cualquier info: "Zariguella / "Recetitas / "Vitaminas ingame (o mail)
  13. Heavy server lag and enchant bug

    I have never seen a single +15++ enchant while the server was lagging. And I use to play in the mornings (when the lags occurs, between 11AM-13AM). If there is a bug, report it and the way it works, make a video and show us, dont just write stupid things.
  14. Recipe: Bec de Corbin

    Hi! Im looking to craft a Bec de Corbin, but no warmisth offer it in the crafting item list, and I cannot find what mob drops the recipe. Does anyone know something a bout this? I have the 9 blades needed but I dunno what to do Ty in advance!!
  15. Hi! Im playing as scavenger lvl 28, im spoiling Lesser Basilisk and Skeleton Marauder @ Wasteland. Well i've been there about 4 hours (to use my halloween buff) and i didnt get A SINGLE double/triple drop on spoil items (Stem - Animal Bone fragment). If you see the wiki (I attached the link in the name of the mobs) there says that: Stem 1 — 5 67.97% — 75.09% Animal Bone 1 — 3 48.87% — 54.13% Well, obviously this is wrong, the wiki or the game, but you are not able to get more than 1 of the same item in the same Spoil. Fix the wiki or the game pls ty!