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  1. Heavy server lag and enchant bug

    I have never seen a single +15++ enchant while the server was lagging. And I use to play in the mornings (when the lags occurs, between 11AM-13AM). If there is a bug, report it and the way it works, make a video and show us, dont just write stupid things.
  2. Recipe: Bec de Corbin

    Hi! Im looking to craft a Bec de Corbin, but no warmisth offer it in the crafting item list, and I cannot find what mob drops the recipe. Does anyone know something a bout this? I have the 9 blades needed but I dunno what to do Ty in advance!!
  3. Hi! Im playing as scavenger lvl 28, im spoiling Lesser Basilisk and Skeleton Marauder @ Wasteland. Well i've been there about 4 hours (to use my halloween buff) and i didnt get A SINGLE double/triple drop on spoil items (Stem - Animal Bone fragment). If you see the wiki (I attached the link in the name of the mobs) there says that: Stem 1 — 5 67.97% — 75.09% Animal Bone 1 — 3 48.87% — 54.13% Well, obviously this is wrong, the wiki or the game, but you are not able to get more than 1 of the same item in the same Spoil. Fix the wiki or the game pls ty!
  4. WTS/WTT Vajra Wand (Top D Mage Sword)

    You can whisp me ingame: "Zariguella I use to be in Giran or Dion. You can PM me here aswel.