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  1. First off all, thanks, your response was very polite, and deserve a polite response. You are right, it is one of the 198273918734 posts out there, i just think that, if you love something you just want it so be better. I think that posting this, is a way to help the game. Don't get me wrong. I love this game, this is a fine oportunity to play it. maybe soon or later they will do something about it(maybe).
  2. In fact i played on the official servers and, just want a fair environment for everyone, just that pal.
  3. I get that, it is expenssive, but they sure are making money with all thoose vips out there, today vips had to wait on queue just as everybody else. They take your money and you still have to wait in line, becaouse the server has bots all over the place.
  4. No, if you don't care about the game, fine, i do.
  5. Forums are one way to comunicate with the staff, you can't report the players inside the game(report 1 and have to wait 30 min to do it again), and if you are saying that i need to report on the suport page, i already done that. Just showing to other people why they can't log in and play the game they love.
  6. This reponse is one of the most idiotic things i have read it in some time, NCSoft have a "term of service" that you must accept once you create your account, and there are specific clauses that says "using hacks/bots/etc are a bannable offence". IF it is SO profitable, way not remove this part of the term of service?
  7. The problem is the way that this problem is adressed. It seems that, NcSoft don't want to take down the bots.
  8. So, you try to enter Talking island server, 800+ people on the queue, you wait for about 4h to enter the game, and when you are finally able to play, you see this kind of shit... [content moderated] And you just come to a conclusion that, NCsoft just don`t care, AT ALL.
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