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  1. Everyone. You are wasting your energy. Nothing will change. Good luck getting through to them using things like reasoning and logic. Only way they react is if you point out hard truths and then they respond with post removals and censorship. Fun times friends....
  2. Quickest way to change is to stop supporting this nonsense and find a new community to support. Simple.
  3. You take down my posts and censor players now? Nice work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBnazBMrldY https://www.youtube.com/c/Clobberstomped/community CENSORED by NCWest! You cannot censor me. All the information is on my channel for all to see the truth about your company and now it operates. I have literally done nothing wrong and only pointed out your own faults. The truth hurts doesn't it?
  4. Correct. This all just shows great disrespect for the players. They care very little for keeping us informed. Or care of our basic well being at this point. It’s disheartening really.
  5. Why post patch notes if you wont follow them or complete them properly? Epic Fail!
  6. This was a mistake completely. Why modify or change Plunderous Plains at all? Horrible management.
  7. Multiple nerfs. Multiple items changed not listed in the patch notes. Many things in the patch notes not completed properly. Good luck keeping players with this nonsense @Juji @Hime Do you guys even care anymore or are you just on autopilot hoping for the best?
  8. Prestige Pack canceled until this is fixed. How can anyone actually farm adena in the game when NCWest nerfs all of the adena spots? @Juji @Hime WTF is wrong with how you guys operate as a team. Good luck sustaining a paying customer continuing doing ninja nerfing like this. Unacceptable. Logged off. RIP NCWest.
  9. Broochs allow gems to be added for increased stats and such. Gems go on Brooches and provide increased values based on the gem. Ruby for instance adds to Soulshot % increase. So on and so forth. The higher the gem the better and more stats it provides. Broochs have the same thing. Level 1 allows for 4 gems. Level 2 allows for 5 gems and level 3+ is for 6 gems. Pick your gems based on your goals as a Tyrr. https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Brooches That link can help a lot. Bracelets can also be improved. Kaliels < greater Kaliels < top Kaliels is the progress. Again add m
  10. Perhaps this was mentioned and I certainly may have missed it but it should be mentioned the best setup depends on your goals as a Tyrr at this point and version of the game. Do you want to roll PvE or PvP? I think it was kind of not directly mentioned but it has to be considered since it will change your course one way or the other. AND if you choose PvP it will even change if you decide on Olympiad or Siege or both. Everything above is accurate for sure. As a new returning player your focus should be getting back to learning your characters as you work towards level 110. From 105 u
  11. Awesome how many people complained of lag and they will not spend anymore money and canceled subscriptions. Lag still continues and NCSoft puts out XP event and we all throw all the money at the event. Then we all ask for another event to spend more... hmmmmmmm Seems like brilliant logic on this one. ~NCSoft snickers and says "well lets just add another event. They will buy the stuff. muahahahahaha" Sure lets have a cloak event. ~Scurries off to renew all the things and add NCoin for upcoming cloak event.~
  12. Read up on how Teleports and Summons work good sir. We all still have much to learn apparently. GG
  13. You CANT have Wyvern's that can fly all over the map and then ban people for reaching a so-called "unereachable" spot on the map and call it an exploit! Brilliant move!
  14. Subscriptions canceled. When we get some honest involvement from staff on correction of issues with some level of transparency on what the issues really are my money will go elsewhere.
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