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  1. Has nothing to do with 50% rune.We suppose to have another week of 50% bonus
  2. Clan Hall Auctions

    I am sorry,but this doesn't answer my question. "If you loose the auction do you also loose your bid?All your money go to the server?"
  3. Clan Hall Auctions

    If you loose the auction you also loose your bid entirely?I know that EU classic returns the bid to the clan warehouse.
  4. I dont think that gludio and aden together are the best option.Much better make gludio+giran and aden+talking island
  5. Play l2r file

    I tried that,l2.exe gives error:"Files corrupted"
  6. Play l2r file

    Is there a way to play l2r file in this game client? What's the purpose of these if they can't replay?
  7. Its obvious that you have too much time on your hands.
  8. How Do I Level Up My Clan Lv3?

    You should really google the requirements as it's hard to know your situation. Might be not enough members in your clan
  9. Enchanting question

    I broke 13 FP helmets so far trying to enchant +6. That is around 40mil
  10. +1 for gift option in the store.
  11. So why are you making this topics if you're not playing this server
  12. There is never a real count of people on pr servers.
  13. I've tried a bunch of good servers that failed after 2 months of grinding,so I'm definitely not going to illegal server again
  14. Every char on this server has a clan,no wonder why it's so difficult to find people