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  1. So why are you making this topics if you're not playing this server
  2. Currently there is only one side on this server,which brakes the balance and makes this server a truly PVE only experience.Clans need to stand up to that ally of carebears and other clans(according to them it's 6 clans in that ally). Don't let them get AQ and Gludio siege,side with larger clans like remedy and dreadlegion. That ally is all quality no quantity,they are too afraid to do something alone,so they invited the whole server. People,let's be more active and we can bring fun to this game. You can pm me here for more info on siding up
  3. Nobody gives a f.Dont make topics like that if you quit,also drop your stuff in town so you won't come back for sure
  4. There is never a real count of people on pr servers.
  5. I've tried a bunch of good servers that failed after 2 months of grinding,so I'm definitely not going to illegal server again
  6. Every char on this server has a clan,no wonder why it's so difficult to find people
  7. lf rus speaking cp or clan

    blya,piwite kakoy serv!!!
  8. Greater Heal problem?

    First prof skill given for both: future prophet and bishop.Starting 2nd class transfer one get enhanced heal,which will be leveled more and increase more in power. Don't try to calculate efficiency,pay attention to the power alone.
  9. Greater Heal problem?

    Your calculation is wrong.
  10. Level 37 Exp

  11. [ADEN] CP LF Melee DD/Support 52+

    Still looking for ppl on this dead server
  12. Any english active clans here? Its quiet.

    If you want to catch bots you should pay attention to carebears.
  13. Rate Class

    Temple knight,no one is dumb enough to play it