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  1. Dear, The npc changes damaged book for forgotten spellbook are delete?? there're damage book in the server where the people can change?
  2. yes, I know but in the new updated 15th january. the damaged book will be delete. are there new items to learn forggoten skills or not? (l2store). The people who have learned forggoten power skills have a lot of advantage over those who dont have them.
  3. How can forggoten power skills be uploaded if damaged books are removed? Does anyone know? Thanks you
  4. The option to change +3 to +4 with 1500 point raid. is not in the npc Black Cat.
  5. winter holidays Events --> It really is not an event Freya's Fortune stick --> It isn't an event either
  6. 1- The one for the beasts of the server, 2-Another for normal server people,
  7. 9600ncoins-->120 euros 40%discount ->>300euros 0% discount. it is a scam.If you are not lucky you have given away the money. Can you post the% success rate to enchant those scrolls? When are you going to put reasonable prices?
  8. Hi, One question: When the month ends, they continue to give the reward as before? minimum 800, 1000 , etc...
  9. The server is dead and you keep the same prices as years ago. Everyone tells you that the game is unbalanced and instead of solving it you make it worse. Can you explain how new server people can be equipped? you are eliminating all the possibilities they have to get adenas (farm) and equip themselves. -olympics, instance dimensional 100, fishing, etc... NO GEAR, They can't PLAY. All prices have gone up Eg: Rubi lvl1 --> 300kk - 400kk (first time 50kk) - Blessed Valakas --> 30B-35B ( before 23B). - Leviathan cost --> We don't comment
  10. im tyr 101. i think i have a decent team. I can't pass the first the raid. Is it as difficult as the first time ?? only high levels or very goods equipped to participate?
  11. why do you ask??, the server is dead, the prices are abusive in the l2store. The new players are crazy if they want to level with the rest (equips). They need too many euros or dollars to be able to equip themselves decently. if they don't use euros/money they won't have decently equipment. Event in this time is: players are online but they don't play or equips in the l2store money (this is not event).
  12. Does anyone know the ratio of success to enchanting the weapon?
  13. It is urgently needed to eliminate this type of events and put events that allow low and medium pj to cut distance with the top pjs. Right now the new players either spend a fortune in dollars or they are nothing. My question would be: How many people do you want to spend a fortune on getting equipped to play L2? Currently one player same lvl 1 top equipped = 20+ players with equipment good Altar instance now is harder than before (good for top players but others players??). Server is dead. What actions do you intend to carry out in order to be able to save? -->>
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