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  1. I'm just waiting for them to at least fix the areas with bugged drop/adena rates and maybe show or at the very least, mention their game plan on fixing areas with bugged rates. Until then I'm not buying Black Friday deals or anything else. I was gonna buy 12k ncoin too... I doubt I'm the only one holding back. Man I wish NCWest was allowed to break free from their Korean overlords.
  2. You don't want to buy the black firday sales right now anyway IMO because you'll just get to the point where drop rates are bugged, faster.
  3. I most definitely did miss some of the Chronicles, didn't you feel like you got your monies worth with that monthly subscription every time a new expansion dropped that didn't cost anything extra? Man this game was a blast back in the day, every time a new log in screen appeared with amazing music when a new expansion dropped. So nostalgic. I'll sum it up for you in a nut shell Mixa, I enjoy a hard core game, I enjoyed old school lineage 2 back in the day, and I'm most certainly enjoying a lot of the experience to be had here, once again. But because of the general audience playing a
  4. I played this game for the first time in 2004 and was highly addicted leveling a gladiator to 71 before retiring. The experience was unlike any other game I have played to this day, you actually had to work for your items, levels, PvP was intense as the consequences could be intense else you find extreme satisfaction in killing players. Finding solid groups, finding a clan was absolutely necessary to get anywhere in this game. It was hard to upgrade gear, you were usually one grade rank behind the actual rank of gear you could wear unless you utilized other lucrative methods to obtain ad
  5. Upon further investigation the +4WIT and -5INT dye is popular to speed up cubic attack rates as they have their own personal m.atk modifier which means the land rate goes unaffected from the loss of INT. So both melee atk spd and magic atk spd affect cubic attack rate.
  6. DEX slightly speeds your cubics attack rate up as your own ATK rate is what determines cubic attack rate, helps you run a little faster, crit ever so slightly more. INT helps curses land more often and Hex is one of your strongest leveling tools for solo. CON is the most important stat for PvP /Raid Boss as it helps with hp pool and block rates. ( It used to be important to avoid stun land rates but CON no longer affects that) STR can be good to get if you solo xp/farm a lot. I'm not sure how beneficial sacrificing INT for WIT is TBH, SK late game is basically a mage/tank h
  7. I guess because we were hoping the offical servers would be booming with population and remain stable for years to come... I really hope they do something to bring back players and fast, it already looks like Aden and Gludio server need to make a merge as Aden currently has 2.6k players while Gludio is currently 1700 players online. Together that is still less players then the total population of Talking Island server or Giran server which are both sitting at around ~5.5k at this very moment.
  8. If you're considering buying VIP4 I would wait for their black friday bundles if you'd care to save a little money. xp/sp runes that last x-days up to 30-days are usually what give you the best returns.
  9. Thank you @Hime. I'm grateful for the amount of work you guys put into pleasing the player base. Thank you for listening to us.
  10. I find it interesting that the xp/sp runes bought with ncoin potentially become less valuable after reaching a certain level as you may want to stop buying them entirely after a certain point depending on how you play the game (even with VIP4), since you may start to prioritize farming over levels to obtain upgrades. What if the xp/sp rune bonus was scrapped and simply added incrementally to levels of VIP along with further increased drop rates at vip3 and 4? You could then add a 1-day 7-day and 30-day infinite soul shot item which everyone would want regardless of what they were doing in
  11. He basically said its not a priority for the dev team so we have no idea wither the issue will be addressed or not.
  12. I know you probably just enjoy trolling the haters but don't you think its fair that as you level up you make a slow and steady increase in rate of adena farmed to maintain a proper upkeep so you don't end up losing money when farming after getting to around lvl ~50+? Those are the players who seem to have a legitimate reason to be upset because they're no longer able to make any progression as far as obtaining adena dropped from mobs when considering the supplies they buy and use to farm which was not the case for old school l2 back in the day no matter where you farmed. Call me crazy b
  13. I have a feeling some people responding to you are clueless yet want to chime in and give you their 2 cents. Most people aren't at your level yet since the servers are still new and since the masses (casuals) are not yet at that point the developers are probably trying to pool their resources into fixing other aspects I would imagine. They did fix other areas that started to become more populated as the server grows older, hopefully the time for you to farm with proper rates in the areas of the game you enjoy will come soon.
  14. If you start to gain less adena and aquire less drops as you go up in levels then there is something wrong with that there is no denying it. No game I've ever played works that way, not even old school L2 worked that way 14 years ago. Hopefully in time when enough people start to adventure into the areas that were not "fixed" yet the admins will fix these issues, I'm just gonna hope for the best since the server is still relatively new and the team behind L2 is probably relatively small.
  15. Is it a bannable offense to let a family member log onto your account with their IP (their pc opposed to mine) even if they live with you?
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