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  1. @Adelyais trashtalking in real life people without having a clue, about renovate houses, starving and selling accounts. The same person , that was trashtalking Divekio as misogyn and racists and now they are friends. So either Divekio stopped to be all that, or @Adelyabecame the same. Go figure. Keep it ingame and stop that toxicity. Because its bad to taste the same venom you throw, right?
  2. The most funny thing on this post is Divekio. He post a suggestion with his BjornBuff account. And he agrees with his Divekio account. Give this man a medal.
  3. Lineage II Aden is up and running, a project which will have Classic's fate. The real question is, what is going on with Live servers? I don't know if you already got the message , but people are moving to other regions or quit. So there are some concerns. - The current state of game is endless farm in timezones. IoS, PI etc. Most farmers also doing it with lots of characters by passing over gear. The difficulty of casual players to catch up is insane and i won't even mention new players. Where is the motivation for people to catch up and make the Live servers, Alive servers? Even the big wallet players, doing their farm instances and they log out, because there is nothing else to do. - Where is the content for parties? And i don't mean the party exp zones, for 24/7 that only worth in exp events. What other things a party can do? Few Aden instances? One hour top? And then? - Where is the motivation for sieges? Most people quit and leaving, because even if they spend a lot, they are receiving milions of damage as a result from the previous years hardcore pay to win events and methods. And the most funny part, is that big whales are also cashing out and looking for their way out because there is nothing they can do to have fun according to the money they spend. -Is the Aden essence servers a sign for the end of NCwest Live servers? - Other regions put the ingame store and somehow they have balanced their economy. You have any idea of the prices that NCwest servers has? If you are thinking to end this journey, at least do it with some dignity.
  4. This is very funny post. Only you and Divekio, and probably some alts are defending that situation. So let me understand. The pk system has changed, and it had a big impact on bullies. Its clear that you guys can't pk/harrass the whole server as you did the last couple of years. And i am referring to MS/LB. Griefing, pking, declaring wars, trashtalking and many more. Because you can? The current pvp system is bully friendly and looks like bullies having hard to accept any changes. And yet, you are guys crying about the 14 members clans, because you can't bully them! And trying to act like this is a bug! MS and LB are the pure example of how karma works. The 1 clan running to other server after recent exploits (MS) and the other clan is left alone in the server without friends (LB). You are the only responsible of your actions. Neither NCwest, neither 14 members clans, neither NO ONE! Happy week.
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