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  1. This is very funny post. Only you and Divekio, and probably some alts are defending that situation. So let me understand. The pk system has changed, and it had a big impact on bullies. Its clear that you guys can't pk/harrass the whole server as you did the last couple of years. And i am referring to MS/LB. Griefing, pking, declaring wars, trashtalking and many more. Because you can? The current pvp system is bully friendly and looks like bullies having hard to accept any changes. And yet, you are guys crying about the 14 members clans, because you can't bully them! And trying to act like this is a bug! MS and LB are the pure example of how karma works. The 1 clan running to other server after recent exploits (MS) and the other clan is left alone in the server without friends (LB). You are the only responsible of your actions. Neither NCwest, neither 14 members clans, neither NO ONE! Happy week.
  2. Chronos Drama Thread

    What do you expect Draecke? Over the 80% of Chronos are people that are trying to manipulate and gain things in any means necessary. Manipulating, lying, using other people and whatever you can imagine. And this can be even worse, when these TOXIC persons are feeling relaxed behind their screen's safety. Probably in their real lives sucks, so they can be "strong" somewhere and can finally prove something. They just can't realize the most important thing. They can gain items and gear worth of billions,but they lose the respect by other humans in the end of their pixel road. Too bad their "community" shortens day by day. Most probably, they will quit "empty" even with all these items. Cheer up. All the good people already quit and the rest good that are still playing, are attached to the friendship mostly, not in the means that this corrupted game provides. Sooner, rather than later more people will quit. The last of the Goods. And you know why? The air is hot.
  3. Chronos Drama Thread

    Looks like MS has a tendency to support scammers. Peppinio scam Nova and you approve this like hell (because Nova got hurt and its ok). Wallabi scam gpsLT and you support Wallabi (because it's our "own" guy and we have to). What is going on there Truffle? You love to support scammers there in MS right? Pathetic community in MS. By far the worst clan in L2 history. And by the word "worst" i mean the people. Griefing,herrasing,scamming and name it. PS: Thank God that this toxic group of Peppinio and RangerZ left Chronos. Can the toxic part of MS also leave so we can breathe some fresh air?
  4. Zureil in denial

    Too bad for zureil. He was kind and fair to everyone. But he was doing that to the wrong people. Now seems like he lost the game, since most of MS getting tired and leaving. Getting tired with the toxic people that poisoned MS and not only. Zureil if you reading this I have to say that you are too good and fair for the people around you. You helped a lot ppl that in the first chance they bite your hand. Kick the remain toxic drama queens from your clan and rebuild. And this time, be a leader. Not a friend to all. They misunderstood this. Friendly advice.
  5. Dragons Instance

    Since ncsoft made dragons a click war and destroyed the ability to fight for a dragon (even inside the lair) here is my suggestion. Make Antharas, Valakas and lindvior, instance for everyone. The requirements and the difficulty can remain the same. Twice a month (15 days cool down instance). This can help your recent bright idea to put in market Dragon Fragments.But claws aren't enough and won't be enough with 2 servers for everyone. Give people the chance to close the gap between spenders and non spenders. More claws, more dragon weapons and ofcourse a motivation for people to gather up (clan or ally based) to do something big. Now the situation is a bit nonsense. Faster clicker wins..
  6. GM's ruining gameplay?

    OH well
  7. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Truffle you already make MS ppl dislike your actions. Looks like you aren't a team player. You want everything only for yourself. Besides that, the company for years doing "favors" to spenders. This is not secret, people talk to each other. So we have categories in players. The vip and the rest. Truffle is just one more situation. This goes way back. But wait a minute. I see Nova and MS screaming for justice, rules etc. When you all using 3rd party software or rmt, where is your dignity? Oh right the same response "You have no evidence brother". Looks like you all like to break the rules to win and crying for rules when you are losing. Pathetic hypocrites do us a favor and quit.
  8. Dimensional siege is dead

    Smaller clans choose to not participate in sieges, for these reasons. 1) Can't compete pvp clans and it's not worth to waste their time. The distance between p2w players and the rest, is huge. 2) OK let's say a smaller clan goes to dim and tries to pvp in a castle that is neutral to big dogs. Against a clan with the same power more or less. This will end up with the interference of a big clan, probably bored and will destroy the lower scale pvp. Big pvp clans doesn't let lower scale pvp. In most cases they hunt even smaller clans back in their server. Griefing, herassing etc. Looks like these are the main reasons. Which neutral clan will waste time on this? PS : This applies to regular sieges as well.
  9. "Fooz is lf Martel" desperatly

    The obsession is real.
  10. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    If anyone from Nova reading this, please write in AiZeN's application ACCEPTED so he can shut up. Really. Thanks.
  11. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    But you are idiot. I hurt your feelings by calling you idiot? You avoid to explain why you bought account from Nova and you say "but he bought too" You avoid to explain how you are amazing player while you admitted you were scripting and you say "all scripting too". You avoid to explain why you are so toxic by spamming all day and all night in every chat or forum you can and you say "they are toxic too". And you ask why i call you idiot?
  12. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    Ofc he did, who said otherwise? If pr1nce bought his account too, that doesn't make you less toxic. I am not Nova idiot, Nova is responsible about the game corruption all these years. But MS managed to win the Toxicity prize in just few months.
  13. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    The enemy's rmt and cheat is bad. Your clan's rmt and cheat is good. The only achievement you have so far in this game, is to make Nova in people's eyes looking good. I would never expect to see a clan so toxic like MS, to make Nova looking like Mother Teressa.
  14. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    I will pretend that i am naive and i will follow your words. If Nova trying to recall accounts, so either you shared your info with Nova, or Nova shared the info with you. But you are sworn enemy with Nova, after they rejected you. So it's not sane to share account info with an enemy. So, the only way to have this happened IS TO HAVE BOUGHT THE ACCOUNT FROM NOVA. I am pretending the dumb here and trying to come up with a conclusion.
  15. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    I am talking about "stuff". You know what i mean. Stuff that can be recalled among others.