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  1. Cancer... Was aiming for a simple Lv3 +5... nothing crazy.. just swipe and p2w a bit to have some way of staying competitive.. obviously it all blew up past +3 and im left with x1 Lv1 pendant... I will know better not never ever spent a single $ on NCoin (after i spent much more in the past just buying cosmetic and EXP stuff). So sad the P2W is not even guarantee, you might waste 1000$ and not get a thing. Thanks for ruining the game NC. You're guys are the best.
  2. why would you turn it into p2w so early??... :\
  3. VIP MODE please.... dont turn this game into a p2w mess.... please.... ;\
  4. Stop with the weekends only events

    Black Desert Online have been doing it for few years and you don't see people complain. Cut the bs guys.. just enjoy the game.. this is no race.
  5. What server is right for me?

    Aden is totally the way to go
  6. New Classic please

    be totally down for that. ppl want ez mode? go play live.
  7. Hey guys, I am a Lv34 Human Wiz who play during NA (EST) evening times every day (including weekends) for atleast 5 hours a day. Looking for a CP to play with. I have discord and i speak English. I am very much PvP driven. Please send me a mail in game to: Lafush or just post your name here and ill pm you :] thanks <3
  8. If I was NcSoft...

    No P2W please. cut the BS. I am VIP3 and i think its more than enough. making VIP any better will break the game.
  9. if you ever want to play with someone that does speak English, you are welcome to whisper me in-game: Lafush .
  10. nobody's leaving.. stop being dramatic. its 11:40am-1:40pm-... people are at work. same for south america ppl. Later the day its impossible to find free spots. Also, don't forget people lvl up.
  11. Bye Bye

    love this game
  12. Why I love this game!!

    i actually don't take it as sarcasm.. i can totally relate.. the amount of days i "worked from home" this past week and a half (since i joined) is more than the amount of time i WFH the whole year.. i am connected remotely from my office to home with a remote desktop to try and farm as much as i can when i have some free time.. shit like that this game is ruining my life
  13. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Oriana’s Lucky Draw event will begin for four weeks. Server event settings will start for four weeks: Vitality +300% Free Teleports No XP Loss Upon Death for non-chaotic characters Golden Compass event will end in one week. Dragon Shirts and Halloween items will no longer be available to purchase from the L2 Store. Added a /localtime command to display your local time in the chat window.