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  1. Just make characters to learn the skills free. No one game block characters to learn main skill. This is bulshit in 2020 ! Thanks
  2. What is this absurd decision to stop creation of new chars ? Today 5 my friends was ready to join in server and they can't because your block them. You easly can maintenance this when open ur database and delete all chars with following names mente1 mente2 , mente03 and so on... It's very interesting... P.S. Think about, how to change the game, to make people to stop create many chars for mentees points.. and so on Thanks.
  3. Problem is that , you must can play normal... without lag right? You must when go in some zone to kill monster you to can kill monsters.. not arround you to have 20391 people and I to put the characater on macro... this is play ? Where is the playing of the game, I make 100 for 1h and after that put macro in blazing swamp
  4. I am not game developer , but I am a .Net developer. And actually you don`t need to be a expert to understand that in every version of lineage 2 where have a many people , people can`t play normaly. Check some other game like WOW, for example.. you never wwill have lag like this. Here wer are 10k ? 15K in Chronos, in WOW there are 6kk people man Think about that
  5. For many years Lineage 2 , don`t understand that your game with this build you can`t keep many players in same place or this can`t be for a long time! Now we have quest, named exalted where better way with the items wich you provide "Paulina" is to farm in Blazing Swamp... 40k monsters ? Many People ! Lag! This is not play. You must consider or to make quest to be faster , or to open more zones for farm, where people with low gear can farm normal! Best Regards!
  6. Enagage/Married ???

    That is not good ...if is true...
  7. Enagage/Married ???

    How can I engage two charcters ? I have formal wear x2 , we are in friend list. We was in churce to High Priest NPC and command .engage or /engage just dont work. Thank u