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  1. What happen to EU players? Why we can't choose Europe region on launcher. So... I'm european player, actually plays on Naia and Giran, if I select North America, for example, at new launcher, what happens? Can I continue playing normally? I don't lose my chars or something?
  2. I know, but the thing is that I dont want to erase the char... It could exist any king of way to get it. For example, make the quest lvl +19 and not just until lvl 19.
  3. It happens the same to me. I'm lvl 25 with a character and I can't get the quest for Moon Armor becaused they remove it. I can't do neither the new quest for obtain it, becaused is for lvl 19. So, isn't have another other way for get it? Don't say just make another char, they have to imporve any way for characters like me can get it.
  4. The recent changes in the Lineage 2 Classics leave much to be desired. When the last year I heard the news of the new classic servers I was very happy. At first, it was almost like the old L2 classic, for those players who wanted to relive the old game experience. But ... The new changes are simply horrible: First, is that even the quest were not implemented to raise the level of clan (bye to the little role that was in the game) The class change quest has been deleted (more of the same, goodbye role, goodbye old missions) A new legal bot system, lol? Telepor
  5. The new tp system is just a bad thing. Delete it and came back the traditional tp with gk...
  6. Wait... they implemented Automated Hunting System? Why??? This is not like use a bot? What do you want to get with this? Server plenty of characters and empy of players??
  7. Hello! So just that! If you are interest please, mail or whisp DarkElve or Kotoko. Thanks!!
  8. Easy ways to fix the problems. If queue is fixed I'm sure they will got more real players, and a lot of them, paying the game. And today, after the last emergency mantenience, I log my client this mornig and I can't belived that only 167 un queue....! But, 2 hours later, still ppl 135 in queue... great job. I was thinking about buy some VIP (but I really dont like that system), but after 2 weeks withouh can't play, I will not pay any euro for this game! Just fix queue. Kick afk players, kick shops after some hours, limit the boxes... and NcSoft just get a real players, no bots of afk ppl
  9. The problem isn't only the queue, is that you leave your account in queue and when you back some hours late see that game just kick you. We need a fix for this very very long queue and ramboms kick from queue. And is sad see when you someday you can connect and only see afk people everywhere
  10. Hi! I am a feoh storm screamer and I have a question about the Abilities tree. There is one skill that I dont know how it works, is Magician's Prominence. This skill power all my masteries passives skills? Thanks.
  11. DarkElve

    Anakin & Lilith

    That is sad, but It was what I supposed. Well... I guess it the same with another wolrd bosses. Well, anyway, thanks for the info.
  12. Is a good idea :p, ty. Just asking becaused the option to made replays is in Acctions > Replays (at game) and well, if you can made a replay you can see it, no? (or that was what a I thought)
  13. I'll check that, tanks!
  14. DarkElve

    Anakin & Lilith

    Hi everyone! I see people kill Anakim and Lilith. I know that needs a lots of partys for do it. I want to know who is doing this, just for ask if I can join. The leader for kill this world boses have to move to much people, so is for know if you have pacted the hour and days for do it. Or just a powerfull clan do it. Alone :P. Thanks!
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