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  1. ncsoft dont care about their community. ofc u wont enjoy the x0.2 rates . japan have same rate but 200% drop VIP so they actually play on x1 rate aswell as every other server. 95% of the posts are rant/rage/begging for fixes and they keep ignoring/deleting posts.
  2. i like the hardcore rates too, but some areas still need adjustment because 60+ mobs drop the same adena as ant nest. other classics feel like pvp servers with the wiki rates. but that doesnt change the fact that spoil is worthless
  3. we will NEVER EVER EVER use beast shots on PvE. thats a known fact aswell. and unlike archers ,summoners dont have other advantages besides Olympiad and PvE I suggest every summoner player to reroll and to not invest time on a deadclass anymore. else u gonna get to 60 like me and realize how pointless this is and u will never farm loa or any decent zone on high lvl im already rolling archer and it feels like walk in the park compared to the imba op summoner that dont need shots to farm gl hf edit: Rapid fire dont cost spirit ores and i can afford it
  4. the shot consume of classic 1.5 on ANY weapon. since u told me we are not supposed to have beast shots at all. guess again. WE DONT. unless we make PVP eminence bow x9 ssc. thats how playing summoner feel now btw
  5. other weapons are not supposed to use x1 shots either btw. if they had x1/2/3 shot usage and x9 on eminence bow with the current rates ppl would leave,just like our current situation with the summoners.
  6. we compare the game with the other 5 OFFICIAL classic servers btw. KR/TW/JP/EU/RU. and yes rates are broken, economy is broken, spoiler class is dead and so on
  7. u cant make 3000 hits/hour i make 2200 with 770 atk speed on zone that u dont even run to mobs get real u dont even get close to 1000 hits/hour. summoner is 4-5 times more expensive then ur archer . i am being realistic and im 100% sure.
  8. its fine only for the aoe parties cuz its more profitable for them. u saying its fine but u dont even have char prob , how do u know its fine?
  9. 1 day farm equals top C wep from luxury in beast shots btw i dont think ur archer cost 5kk-8kk/day in shots
  10. ur bow deals x3 the dmg of my pet. u dont have 48critical rate either. also its 72a/hit not 37 btw the total dps of archers is like x4-5 of summoners also archers are not worthless outside of PvE. as i see u can also afford shots .
  11. its should be 66% for all unless they nerfed the rates for mage weps like illegal servers or goddess+ its just ppl who got balls man. even tho theres dwarf on TI that made 4+ weapons to +7-12
  12. so ncsoft prefer servers with 1k on and 300 real players then long term milking machine? nothing is done for casual/solo players. they show no interest to speak with their community .nothing is done about anything. oh wait, they buffed loa for the 68+ mage party so can make even more money from rmt. my bad this servers will have 1k online until the summer if not in 3 months if ncsoft remains ignorant. this problem here will kill entire class in the game. spoilers are already dead and countless other problems will be simply ignored.
  13. lets be real. rates will stay the same. i actually do LIKE the hardcore rates because other servers feels like pvp servers with red weps/+10 sets. u think putting these shots at ncstore will "fix"the issue? ill just quit if they do that lol i can farm w/o shots its ok for now. but late game will be another game when sws/bd starts to outdmg me when they get decent weps
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