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  1. According to l2wiki I needed 67.7m exp to get from 55 to 56. I was 55.17% and used 49 1m exp scrolls and became 55.58...(47 exp scrolls supposed to give like 72% and gave only 40). Whats wrong with this classic? From the beginning I play with feeling that it is still in alpha test.
  2. Thanks for trying to solve actual problems. Looking forward for next fixes.
  3. The other way is making a party and raid location killing all the summons with 1-2 chars. After that just killres these chars once and it will clear like 1000 karma(10 kills of summons). Or you can make summon hunter pk character since killing summons gives 0 pk points these characters won't get equipment deleted after death. So 1 character can clean up whole location if he is protected by other party members.
  4. Yes, indeed. But cleaning 100 karma is very easy. It took me 8 monsters in wasteland while gludio +30% event was active. It's better to take some action than to sit and wait when ncsoft takes action against bots.
  5. You need to kill only summons, since killing characters punish you with like 1000 karma for first kill and 1 pk point. Kill summons and botter will die almost immidiately or stop farming, waiting for resummon cooldown.
  6. We are responsible too for servers we are playing. Time to declare war to bots. The ones which pass lvl 40 can easy be reported through support ticket.
  7. As most of you noticed majority of bots use setups with 1-2 summoners for infinite heal and spoiler. Everytime I see bot farming near my spot I kill their summons(cooldown on 1st prof. resummon is like 1.5h). Kill punishes you with just 100 karma and 0 pk points. Time needed to clean 100 karma is like 2-5 minutes so it's not harmfull. Then you kill summon and kill resummoned one bot will die almost immediately. Already did it for like 5-6 times. Works perfectly and you are not getting annoyed by sin eater quest since it doesnt add pk points to your count. I believe everyone can afford kill eve
  8. Kill summons and they die. 1 summon kill gives like 100 karma and 0 pk points - this is nothing compared to 1.5h+ cooldown on resummon. I am cleaning this karma in minute or two.
  9. Yes it is. Pk system is completely broken by koreans. Once you go red you never go back.
  10. Please block ability to send messages to general and trade chat channels for characters below lvl 20. Lvl 10 takes 30 minutes to get. It's impossible to read trade chat with this ammount of spam. Blocking is pathetic since they create new spammers everyday.
  11. He cant be calm when he is fighting for spot. I mean even cleaning karma from 2-3 pk is a hardjob. This classic is not playable without pk char.
  12. Try to clear karma after 1 pk If you don't get it then try to clear karma from 2-3 pk My friend got 26 pk while he was fighting for spot. He tried to clear karma by killing monster, quickly realised that there is no way he can clear karma that way(will take around 2-3 weeks) and cleared karma by killing himself. Deleveled from 52 to 46.
  13. Still hope they will consider opening P2P classic with normal rates and get 1.5 client with everything from 1.5. Not frankenstein abomination like it is now with broken pk system.
  14. What about gludio attendance check event? We didn't have any chance to grab it all.
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