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  1. Sorcerer vs necro

    Hello I know that necro atm arent in the best best spot. But I still believe that cdl will be overpowered and powerspike for farming. Isn't better to go necro than sorcerer at classic?? I mean I love both classic and sorcerer has that variety with aoe but I believe ain't that big difference between those two. And necro should be beast at pvping
  2. Gludio to giran

    WTT items/arena from gludio to giran. Recently left from gludio server and since the transfer arent possible atm I am looking to trade some adena or even items from gludio to giran thanks in advance
  3. DA issues

    Hello thank you for your reply my fellow lineage friend. I do get the part that summoner classes would be overpowered even broken that's why I never asked for Lower beast ss price. It would damage the balance between classes so I could not agree more with your opinion. All I want to discuss is if it would be good to invest your hard work adena over shots for leveling purposes
  4. What server is right for me?

    I am st gludio myself too. It's TRUE that there are many Spanish based clans out there. But there are a decent amount of clans that they focus on English speaking audience. Like myself I prefer to be on an international clan that it is on English language based. So I joined one and i never had the problem.
  5. DA issues

    Hello my friends. I don't want to complain about anything just having a question. Is it even viable for a DA to farm with beast SS ?? I know the ss are kinda overpriced and to top that the panther use 2x per hit. I know that panther's damage is kinda OP I won't hide behind my finger but I just want to hear your opinions too. Is it worth to invest adena for the shots or just keep doing that without those?? Since the price is high and I don't believe they will fix it in the near future.
  6. The Future of Gludio server (Opinion)

    Don't get me wrong but leveling with a group is optional. Ofcourse it will be faster and easier but don't forget that gludio is a new server people still try to catch on the others. And I am against of merging the servers at the moment since it will ruin the entire economy. Don't get me wrong maybe in the future if we catch up the aden server but at the moment it will be bad the server at all. Ofcourse the low level zones aren't the spot that used to be but that's because players did progress at higher level zones and they prefer to do their quests or dailies with dedicated clan parties or just with their CP.
  7. WTS / WTT Bonebreaker (TopD)

    You want to trade for elven sword long ??
  8. Dark avenger question.

    I do appreciate the feedback thank you
  9. Dark avenger question.

    Hello everyone I am looking forward to make a dark avenger. Since atm I am level 30 I wanna make a question. Is it true that the panther does crappy damage even with ss ?? I heard soloing is nightmare even with pp box because the damage is way low. I know it's tank blah blah whatever I am asking If the panther does decent damage. Some insight will be very useful. Thanks in advance and sorry About my poor English
  10. Elliniki clan Olympus ston Gludio

    Kalispera Stin parea. Freskia elliniki clan psaxnei energous ellines na vgaloume gousta ston old school classic server gludio. Opoios endiaferete 8a borouse na kanei aitisi story clan entry I apla PM se opoiodipote apo ta torina meli gia to invite. Eiste oloi kalesmeni na xtisoume ena elliniko dunato community aneksartitos lvl. Server: Gludio Clan Leader: Poharean Officers: MinJin, NaGamwEgwEmena, Mpougadi