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  1. Could be the case that You might find ppl like myself. That is a native spanish speaker but can speak english... Until Now I found that of that thing a lot. I began speaking english and at some point I found they can speak spanish too. It might be a good chance to learn about forgein culture and exchange a pleasant time!:D
  2. From me Destroyer are melee DPS machine with tank capabilities!:D I remember a friend leveling in cata +60 with a a top c grade armor and weapon and he did it like a champ! MOst of the poeple was surprised by that!:D
  3. I was thinking to play a Bishop but most of people say that right now the class is not useful. I'm playing a summoner as my main but I want to change to a class more useful in party as my main. So I though maybe an Elven Elder of a Swordsinger ot even like a tank with a Temple Knight. BUt I want to know your experience about because I can make cash and I'm making money to buy a mid d grade weapon to reroll and I know any weapon is fine to a summoner even if I level from a wizard because is cheaper to use the pet to do the DPS. SO I thought, what are the hardship I might have to deal level
  4. So in the end a SWS is my best option to be in a suport clas? what about the EE?
  5. In that case then, should I continue with the summoner and choose another class instead? like SE o EE? Or maybe play a tank or a SWS?
  6. I played before the summon fix so I never user the kat because it sucked too much exp... so in the end i had to control the mana. And the bishop had that problem until the skill called "invocation". I hope we can get that eventually or the time to recover mp will get larger!:S I used to use a bishop too and it was fun!!:D
  7. I think the only solo class is the summoner. I like the summoner and I'm playing a wizard myself this way to remember the old days. In the old days was an expensive and hard to level class but is was so nice! Right now is easier than the past. I remembered the hell of buying crystal and the duration time, without taking in account the 30% of exp loss of the summon. Even using shot were pretty expensive but the lack of adena is making the things worse and some estates. I realized the problem of the adena scaling and the problem in part is because the exp scrolls and the newbie quest that force
  8. I saw a ton of bots and boxing characters that make doubt about making a Bishop as a main. Right now I'm playing a wizard that I plan to use to grin enough adena to buy a decent d grade weapon but I don't know if it worth that kind of pain. Playing solo can be easy with a summoner but it not that fun and I know that playing a bishop ensure the oportunity to find player that likes to play in group. Besides, I like the support role. What's your Opinion? PD. If you can recommend me places to grin adena solo, it would be a plus!:D
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