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  1. A red named Mob doesnt give me exp??

    it couldn't be a better answer than this, thank you so much for the info/update !
  2. your post looks like a desperate attempt to recover a dropped item you have lost, it might be an error the 2nd "BUG" but as you said, we all know about this behavior about the game and still some dumbass ppl keep hitting a flagged char even when he's blinking to white, so... about the 1st one... c'mon dude, maybe i didnt understand what u mean by saying "Every char can get your target out of the town." this isn't a bug, it's made like this because u have to be able to deliver ("trade") items to a "specific target" on the field, it would be much more anhoying to trade items only on a town... GL... GF:::
  3. Options>Shortcut - settings don't save

    try to delete the system file and use the game launcher, i do this (re-set keys) every day because my cousin plays on the same account and change my settings every fvcking time
  4. as in the description i have to ask this, i can kill a lvl 65 Mob but im on a lvl 45 character and no mater what i do (restarts, relog, close the game entirely) i still cant get exp from this mobs, there is a limit of exp i get penallized for getting too much difference in lvl? i'm an old new player and it wasnt like this before