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  1. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    LOOT BOXES OVERDOSE... These is not event but last hope from ncwest to squeeze some more money before they send l2 to graveyard i wonder why people think that anyone from devs are trying to repair something in game this thing has no sense.As for me i dont care so much for game i play casual no paying no winning i just dont care but i wanna put in mind for others just guys be aware about loot boxes be aware that is classical gambling engine and its killing games not just l2 but many good games suffers from this phenomena. Point is noone cares about anything as much as they can squeeze more money from you, you cant win anyway they are mining your data habits they know what can make you buy more so if you are hard spender they wont give you good items untill you cash your thousands of $$$. So @Talen point is more you are enchanting the bigger the odds you will brake more,like in casinos more you play more you lose
  2. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Maybe you can keep them in warehouse another year and so, but for me keeping them in wh means have nothing to do ingame, second honestly whales ingame are those who get free items me and those like me are just opening boxes for you how we can hope stay in event, and as comment above states its 100 % designed whales event.
  3. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    As so far seen this event is totally faked its to no one use but the high level top equip players, starting from the non sense rewards from oriana box like nevits entrance passes that from 60-70kk dropped to a ridiculous price of 5kk where the newbie like me cant afford to buy any clean weapon high grade...But i am wondering why ncsoft even bother with marketing this event like random and for level 90+ players when they have only from this event opening boxes for the big guys not to bother themselves behind the scene its just another event where only the big guys profit.Not fair event and randomness has nothing to do with this event.