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  1. Roflcopter that's not true for all. Some items that say 30 days are only 30 days, but the weapons +8 and +16 don't say 30 days, those are permanent. Each one has its own description.
  2. Already here, Baium rewards for a chance to get a reward. Possible +8 or +16 weapon ready for you to try along with other goodies as well. Low chance probably but still up in the store.
  3. So for the Baium boxes does that mean that you can earn one of those rewards? So each box contains 1 item from those said rewards?
  4. So glad I quit this game, between Europe does have better Adena Rates. Skelth has much better adena rates, I feel bad for all those who spent money here. There is no way that people will remain in this game if they don't fix adena rates past 40+. Anyways they will milk what's left of the server basically. Good luck for those who choose to stay you are going to need it.
  5. I was thinking whether to stay and play or leave, but I have decided to move on. I always liked lineage 2 but mobs at 50+ are not dropping the same adena as when I played back in c1 to c3. It wasn't easy to get gear then people at level 50+ still had C-grade gear, well I did anyways, but you could at least afford soulshots. At this pace, I'm sure people can't even afford teleports or soulshots. I wish NCsoft good luck with its endeavors but I will no longer be supporting this effort. I see now why they won't change the rates again they want people to buy soulshots in the shop.
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