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  1. Legendary Scrolls

    i made my legendary cloak with 2 legendary scrolls... so i was extremely lucky...
  2. Fishing Baits r99/r102/r105

    I have a question is there any difference for baits to catch Powerfull fish. My char is 105 so i can use them all, So maybe someone tried any experience for catching Powerfull fish with r99/r102/r105 baits. Or the chanse is the same from all baits?
  3. air light skill

    yes i do if you use from skill table. Put it into bar and than use from skill bar, it will work ok than.
  4. Enchant success rate

    I think very lack ppl can understand your language... if it would be in english would be better
  5. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    No sorry everything ok after file repair of L2 problem was fixed
  6. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    After Maintenance @Hime you removed Merkios pass from L2Store is it should be? Golden compass event still till 11.21
  7. Tyrr GK AFK macro share

    Blackbird faction safe way it is suitable for titan/ gk /target cantera belik /target cantera belik /delay 10 /target cantera tanya /target cantera tanya /delay 10 /target cantera death /target cantera death /delay 10 /useskill second wind /useskill feral ogre cry /useskill rage /delay 10 is done that mobs appear in that time just do not use /atack and skils for mobs because u can get scamed or pk'ed this one is safe 100%
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    usually for me 1st boss appear during 7 - 8 round i kill almost all mobs at 7 and leaving 1 than go to green circle and wait for boss when it raises i do aoe stun and interrupt shield so u do not need to do 100 hits the last boss for me appears in 17 -18 round i do the same leaving 1 mob and wait for boss appear, do stun aoe and interrupt his shield, it is more easier to kill when no monsters around just rb. and it works for me very well, and as i mentioned different last rb appears and you can know how much coins you will get, but is it random or it depends from something i do not know.
  9. [News] Golden Compass Event

    thera 3 types bosses of Merkios 1 gives 60 coins 2 gives 40 3 gives 25. if you will notice there names are different. I mean main name is Merkios but above in green letters are different...
  10. i have prestige pack but i do not see any codes... my Prestige pack renew date is 6th of every month so maybe thats why? but i have it for a long time
  11. how can i get this i cannot find any coupon on the l2 page Additionally, Prestige Pack subscribers will receive Drop Rate Rune 200% 7-day packs via Account Management. Coupon can be redeemed after the the maintenance.
  12. It would be great to have some saved shops for dwarfs that you do not need to enter the prices and items for dwarf workshop every time. because for 40 items it takes some time.
  13. Cannot learn new skills

    hi before maitanance was working ok... after that does not work so hellped only by reinstalling full clinet... thanks for help topic closed.
  14. Cannot learn new skills

    Not AP skils but regular
  15. Cannot learn new skills

    93 feoh, for other account does not work too open window but when double click on it id does not popup new window