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  1. @Juji fyi https://pasteboard.co/J61srSG.png it is true that all received the same but no boost on ncwest
  2. @Juji I play on Core EU server too and IT quest by default gives 20 bil exp there without any 2x boost, Streamer 4r4m did that quest too and in Korean server gives the same 20 bil exp without boost so very strange why ncwest got 2x less cut exp there ? and now you made as it double exp. if it double should give 40 bil exp
  3. I noticed that mob respawn time is slow, is it was adjusted regarding server lag latency? @Juji @Hime Any one else noticed that?
  4. last week was working this week is still working so how many weeks will be still working more? i have read this post nothing informative for players
  5. @Juji @Hime can we expect to get some more information about this latency issue, because after 2 weeks you still investigating. are you planning any fixes tomorrow regarding this issue? Inform us because to play as tyrr is impossible, thanks god we save adena for shots <- terrible joke
  6. enchant type is good too it has STR + 6% skil power so it helps for yul too if u want to crit as much as u can you should at least have like 90 DEX. but dex grows step buy step with the equipment there was a planty posts what addes DEX so you can search and figure out...
  7. you can change the armor type in blacksmith in each town.
  8. if you get the same augments like p.atk 2x it will work just 1. it does not stack if you used aria life stones
  9. He is Tyrr GK, so weapon fists, i guess he was going with cocktail buffs, but he said that even he improved dps i mean added 20% p critical dmg augment , he does not kill more mobs compared with the same weapon without augment. next his test was to to remove ring witch added 15% crit damage and he got less adena means that he killed less mobs. So conclusion if he was doing without augement 130kk adena with 20% aug he should do at least do more, but it did not happened
  10. What about nexttarget delay issue? Do you have a fix for it or we will have to struggle with that more time?
  11. i made my legendary cloak with 2 legendary scrolls... so i was extremely lucky...
  12. I have a question is there any difference for baits to catch Powerfull fish. My char is 105 so i can use them all, So maybe someone tried any experience for catching Powerfull fish with r99/r102/r105 baits. Or the chanse is the same from all baits?
  13. yes i do if you use from skill table. Put it into bar and than use from skill bar, it will work ok than.
  14. I think very lack ppl can understand your language... if it would be in english would be better
  15. No sorry everything ok after file repair of L2 problem was fixed
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