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  1. i have same problem in last 4 hours.i try also file repair ,flushdns nothing happened.
  2. Im pretty sure that you all guys at NCWest sitting behind your keyboards and your monitors and laughing with us. Thats for sure.
  3. Hello, We are a level 3 Clan looking to find some folks to join us.Clan chat is in English and we are EU based mostly but we have also other nationalities with us. We definetly need DD's and some active(lol) Healers but feel free to apply whatever class you are. Level requirement is 40+ . Message Balna for more info.
  4. If you want us to delete the game just tell us to do so!
  5. For 5 days now i am not able to login and stucking on character selection page.I read that last night people could log in after some restart on the servers i still cant log in and stucking on character selection.What is happening ?5 days ?
  6. We are recruiting acitive EU based players level 35+ pm ingame Bredall or Balna
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