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  1. You drive the game to Awaken way!!! really you gonna lost many people again!!!! and why no sp???? the people became 80 lvl with 60 lvl skills is that ok??? lol
  2. They dont care!!! thats all the game when became free to play it change to pay to win!!!!!!! you need something?? you need to PAY IT!!!! i was played from 2006 they had live GMS nice competitions and also good community!!! When god take place and became free to play the game became SUCKS!!!!!!!! and you still continue and your support is embarassing!!!! Like this we wait 1 and half hour for nothing!!! Just give this facking npc to take the reward and close our PCS!!! people they have works other people wake up to just play the event and you keep them like this????? REALLY WTF IS GOING THERE??
  3. Dont make events like this if you Cant support them !!! Really is annoying and terrible for all the people!!!!!!
  4. Really 3rd time i like 45 minutes before 1 cakes dies and now still the skills spinning!!! are you kidding us??? you gonna do something for this??? put some cakes to other places!!! Your server cant hold all of this people......You say about event and we wait here for no reason??? plz jujji answer us!!!!
  5. yeah actually S grade Weapon that cant use it !!! even if one guy by it is useless!!!! and the most SAD story is the Exp bonus pt!!!! what happened all people looking for answers!!!!
  6. helllo!! there are many Question that many people want an answer!! First of all about exp bonus party.....We see with 9 people pt the exp is less than if you exp alone!!wat happened?? And You make evetnt with reward S grade weapons we take it now we need to know about S grade gemstone R / SA/ soulshots S grade... because is useless to have s grade if you cant use it !!! you gonna make any data about this?? to tell us? thanks a lot
  7. hello friends!!! i want to say something!!! is not bug but i think is unfair!! well as you know if you put cake is count for 40 minutes. but for the last 20 min the cake disapear and here is my question!!! when we do farming on big places elven village sea of spores and we have couple of deaths... and on this last 20 min you can lost by min seconds if you cant get nobless...!! my Question is this why party cake buff is not like freya roses like when you die dont lose it??? i pay many vit scrolls etc to keep vitality and it gonna be acciddent to lost the buff and burn all the vitality!!! can y
  8. So embarassing those people Pk scammers and los bandidos clan same pt and are their boxes....!!!
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