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  1. 146 per tick sounds nice. I was googling a lot about weapons for PS. So far I've seen 1h blunt + shield, dagger + shield, duals, staff (but with recharger which I dont have). I guess in the worst case scenario I can make it into crystals and buy C grade lol.
  2. Cursed maing. seems like a decent d grade. But what do i get when i go for C orB grade in the future?
  3. What do you guys think about fist weap for PS? Or blunt weapon? Since golems for ex. have vulnerability against it. Or is dagger sword / dual really the best choice?
  4. Getting the E01008 error. I play for few weeks, was fine whole time, first time an error is happening. Was able to launch the game once, but crashed after few minutes. Nvm. Found a possible fix (works for now) on L2 support. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360709-Error-E01008 (file was in "etc." folder otherwise the route is the same). Thanks support.
  5. The whole reason why ppl play on Gludio is no ridiculous waiting line. So if you merge the servers thats when players will quit since they cant play anymore
  6. Hi, so there is a bot which I tried to report. It was clearly a bot, wasn't even a question about it. So I hit the report button and to my surprise this is the system message I recieved. "This character has undergone a check for prohibited software usage and was charged with a penalty. You can't report this character." Is it that it was charged by your anti-cheat software and ban is coming later? Or you just dont care about bots?
  7. Taky jsem na Adenu. Zkoušel jsem Giran, ale ty čekací doby, ne díky Jeden klan jsem našel v seznamu, Knoflikare, ale momentalne maji plno.
  8. Hi everyone, pretty much what the title says. I have a laptop with intel HD 520 gpu, i3-6006U CPU and 8 Gb ram. I am not expecting any high graphics obviously, but I am not sure how these GPU cards work, havent tried any gaming on anything like this before.
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