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  1. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    You said that can afford the prices but then u told me a story about save adena. Nonsense. If u can afford then go for full plate set, that's the way to go for a solo tyrant. You are who must learn to play ur class in this chronicle dude, do some research on skelth forums and stop saying such silly stuff.

    Shield success rate on mages (and every1 that havent mastery) is 20% That is a lot. For pvp always compensate to use a shield. 15 more on m.atk means nothing if u are stunned or paralysez, but blocking 1/5 attacks may save ur life. GG with the staff on pvp.
  3. Overlord fix please!!

    It's your fault. OL always works this way in old Chronicles.
  4. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    Well, I dont need more P.Def since im not soloing (Im at party with a tanky). If u dont have adena + need to tank cause soloing, then obviusly take the more heavy/cheaper, but if you want to do some decent pvp dont be silly and save some adena. If u cant afford the server prices u can try to craft too.
  5. Reroll Advice; Synergy

    Dwarfs are beasts in this chronicle. They have permastun with high land rate, best weapon passive, cancel (BH) or permapet (WS). They are good at aoe too. Enjoy them
  6. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    Why ask for help if you were already decided? +4 STR for only -1 CON is a mega bust to your damage. If u want to do some pvp in the path to B Grade, is worth enought. At B u need Blue Wolf Heavy for pvp, but who knows what your deicision would be? Maybe Zubei Robe? GL with Half Plate.
  7. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    Plated Leather all the way.