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  1. LVL 40 Spellsinger looking for clan

    good luck, most clans want 70+ and even then it seems everyone afk xp...it's not like it used to be......
  2. SB Death Whisper

    WTB SB Death Whisper, giran server. What's you price?
  3. SB Silence

    Can anyone tell me the price for Spell Book Silence, giran server...thanks
  4. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    DUDE! Do you watch football or any other sports? I do, I'm not a player or a coach and I'm not gambling on the teams....I just watch them for the fun of it. Drink some beer, watch some football, hang out with friends and relax. Same thing with L2. Get over it or move on!.
  5. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    Maybe we are just playing this game...KEY WORD.....GAME!
  6. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAH, all these people crying! YOUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS!
  7. 30 Scavenger with 30 buffer

    forgot....I'm CST time (oklahoma)
  8. 30 Scavenger with 30 buffer

    I'm on Giran Server looking for an Active English speaking clan...lvl 30 Scavenger with a lvl 30 SO to be SE. I'm fairly active, most evenings after work and weekends. I do work and have a healthy fishing habit but I still get alot of playing time. I'm just looking for groups and fun people. The names StorminNorman! True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow, that's what courage is.