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  1. Make Lineage II 15$ a month again

    A guy who play for free and pay 50$ is more profitable than 1 guy who pay 15$ for a month . Dont underestimate the power of the stock market , NC dont play lineage 2 , they sell it .
  2. Hi , a friend got banned for macro use , he finally got answer from support. It mean he got banned for using the in-game macro system (default : R) ?
  3. OL dye : +wit -?

    Nobodies know ?
  4. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    In France request to waive certain rights is not legal , so the acceptance of these requests waive has no value , one of them is the right of withdrawal (ask refound or internet purchases) . The only advice i can tell you is to to inform you about the laws of your country .
  5. OL dye : +wit -?

    Hi , wanted advices about dyes , i want to increase WIT but hesitate about down INT or MEN . Actualy i think more about lower INT cause i never use life drain who seem to be the only skill based on M atk , but dont know for later (actualy , mainly PVE) . Any advice ?
  6. Overlord fix please!!

    Maybe not bugs , maybe Illuminatis asked to NCsoft to nerf loot drops of 40+ to nerf high level progress and say "its a bug" . By the way , dont forget main roles of OL are : give cancer to ennemies (aoe debuff root - dots - silence - slow - double cooldown of skills and i forget some more) and heal CP . OL are not buffbots .
  7. Warcryer vs Overlord?

    Overlord is healer CP clan , and cancer pbaoe debuffs (root slow silence regenHP and i probably forget some ). Buff the clan is his 2nd role .
  8. Overlord fix please!!

    On old retail , OL never had party buffs more than thoses he has during his shaman leveling . Or very late maybe , like after kamael .