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  1. Dominator's seals were landing nearly a 100% (as long as flag were up) before the update, according to patch notes the flag wouldn't be needed anymore since seals would: "Guaranteed success: Has a 100% chance to trigger abnormal status effect. - On guaranteed success, [Perfect] is added to the debuff skill name. - Changed to a PvP only skill." However, these effects weren't applied and the seals are more likely nerfed other than boosted as they should. The land rate is very low now, affecting not only mass PvP but also Olympiads for ISS Dominators. Maybe some attention to this
  2. +1 So many things going on and every day the absent of GM’s supports feels more and more. Not only the things that are listed above (the most problematic the coming back of fully scripted toons, showing how much we need xingcode or any other effective solution back) but also the incredible amount of bugs that are greatly affecting gameplay of many classes such as ISS Dominator’s seals and its land rate - effects. Maybe some attention to all these issues wouldn’t be so bad
  3. It was hard for supports to get a proper amount of marks to complete the bracelet and even more with server’s lag. It’s nowhere fair that only dds (and just a few) are gonna be able to complete the bracelet to +10. It would be really helpful if the event were extended.
  4. +1 Dear Ncsoft, How about you finally pay attention to this matter after years of ignoring the suggest from tons of players.
  5. Considering the many issues that been affecting the game experience due to the manipulation of pk system this should be indeed applied! +1
  6. Somewhat the brooch br part seems kinda unfair even if it’s reduced to two... actually should only be possible to use ISS brooch br to make it more fair.
  7. AJAJAJAJA when my clan mates told me you did post that ss I had to come myself to see how you embarrass yourself and how you make up so many stories. We have had 5 matches by far Trolli learn to count or if the fantasy is so real then please post the videos of the 20 matches according to you we have got aside of that not sure makes you think that doing 1k dmg in a 5 minutes match means you are somewhat OP... I really don’t get it if you are so good why you aren’t hero then? Your ally could help you! Oh wait... your ally just made your clan lose their only hero damn gotta be really ruff t
  8. I think you haven’t get the point here and well isn’t like you gonna get it but I’m gonna try... Firstly, You are winning a single class in a whole server only because that class has no aoe skills that doesn’t need target... secondly, even if there’s two talisman support now it has a long casting speed which allows the other player to fastly move behind any pillar... thirdly, feel free to post the video of that match where you can see I had my duals on full time and I equipped them till the end for next match, why? Because I try to fight people with around the same gear lvl and ofc in you
  9. Look, Trolli you play a very OP class when comes about olympiads but unfortunately you aren’t really an OP player and much less with these kind of cheap propaganda you doing to yourself. About the things you say, you aren’t an ISS slayer at all, slay implies to kill and you’ll never be able to do such a thing you winning all iss by dmg and it’s pretty much an amount of dmg that goes from 4K-12k in a whole 5 minutes match. Sykotix the one you call “random” been playing with even a lower topaz lvl than you because she simply doesn’t depend on it since she’s the truly slayer being able
  10. OMG AJAJAJAJAJ could you guys be more pathetic?!...Like at least get some photoshop skills before embarrassing yourself this bad... after seeing that GREATHER RED CAT I think it’s pretty much solved the topic.. stupidity on its max level.
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