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  1. This is high rate, stop QQing

    Playing all day VIP4+EXP runes, it must be. Note: Everyone is weaing C grade. Working as intended.
  2. How to play a necromancer?

    Until 42 farm Ant Nest captains. 42+ you can solo cruma (Krator+Porta) with 1 SE box using Blaze/Flame Strike until 47? once you have corpse burst is more fast and allow you to use a few less bssd. At this point you should have CDL+Top D weapon giran shop. Use scrolls hit 50 learn CDL and then delevel until 47/48 and keep farming cruma 1 using CDL. You need 2 shots for everything but krator who need 3. You can also stay lvl 46 and farm cruma using flame strike/corpse burst and youl'll be fine too. I went for CDL because allow me to do aden daily lot faster. All this is for solo, if you have a CP, AOE is the way to go. Beyond 50 i have no idea since the only place is Enchanted Valley atm and is too risky + adena is lower than Cruma...
  3. LEVEL 14 ( NO QUESTS)

    Probably you gonna have to grind mobs again at lvl 18 close to 19. Then again 19 until around 50%. First job quest will give you 50% left for 20. Then the real grind start 20-35
  4. Server is diying

    Gludio should merge to Aden. We have around 2.7k most of the time and around 3.5k at peak during weekends. Server feels dead already.
  5. Servers dying?

    Servers dying? servers are doomed from the begining. Consider most people use 2-3 accounts, Thats mean at very least 40% of the visible population are not real. Now you see less people not because they are quiting the game. The reason is simple: until now there was people using 9 accounts on the event. No afk event = less "people"
  6. Lost my gift event.

    just create 9 extra accounts and problem solved
  7. Spellhowler

    They are probably the second best nuker class for this stage of the game. First place Sorcerer but not by far.