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  1. Playing all day VIP4+EXP runes, it must be. Note: Everyone is weaing C grade. Working as intended.
  2. Until 42 farm Ant Nest captains. 42+ you can solo cruma (Krator+Porta) with 1 SE box using Blaze/Flame Strike until 47? once you have corpse burst is more fast and allow you to use a few less bssd. At this point you should have CDL+Top D weapon giran shop. Use scrolls hit 50 learn CDL and then delevel until 47/48 and keep farming cruma 1 using CDL. You need 2 shots for everything but krator who need 3. You can also stay lvl 46 and farm cruma using flame strike/corpse burst and youl'll be fine too. I went for CDL because allow me to do aden daily lot faster. All this is f
  3. Probably you gonna have to grind mobs again at lvl 18 close to 19. Then again 19 until around 50%. First job quest will give you 50% left for 20. Then the real grind start 20-35
  4. Servers dying? servers are doomed from the begining. Consider most people use 2-3 accounts, Thats mean at very least 40% of the visible population are not real. Now you see less people not because they are quiting the game. The reason is simple: until now there was people using 9 accounts on the event. No afk event = less "people"
  5. just create 9 extra accounts and problem solved
  6. They are probably the second best nuker class for this stage of the game. First place Sorcerer but not by far.
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