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  1. Chat problem

    Hello I have problem that with my one of boxes can't write in any chat except general my lv 98 maybe anyone had such problem?
  2. LF summoner guide

    thx for aswering
  3. LF summoner guide

    Hello I just started to play as wynn elemental master and Iam looking for proper guide for him. I have questions what ability use, what dyes needed, in what weapon and armor focus, which elemental is best, what sub skills use, which dual class would will sue best for wynn and maybe have good advices for newbie. Thanks for all for answers:)
  4. Help

    nice one amigo, go spend your own money for such kind stuff. There is no charity in this game
  5. Help to choose class

    @Argus which othell to chose? is it worth play as spoil othell?
  6. Help to choose class

    @Argus i just spent 5 euros to buy xp boost and not going to spend any more. I only play for fun to spend some time not going to achieve anything. I want to deal damage solo farm/ hunt in party. No i dont have any experience in this chronicle i used to play in illegal servers of H5 platform.
  7. Hi guys i need help to decide what class to play for solo player. Atm i have 92 iss with only paulina gear. I want class which i could use for solo like exping, farming sometimes pvp. Party hunting stuff i dont mind. Anyone could give an advice?