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  1. I opened mine yesterday because i wanted to save up as many normal exp scrolls as possible. Kind of regret that now… @Juji @Hime Compensate me
  2. I know that you guys are very dedicated, you are also quite good at what you are doing. The constant clan crest changing you do is just pathetic though. Camping bosses have always been a feature in L2 and I think that everyone is aware of it. The real problem is that it isn't possible to reset and damage doesn't matter like it should. A level 2 char can simply take looting rights and let 150 people kill the boss for him.
  3. So what you are telling me is that lotus and Skynet will camp epics for 6h non stop with 27 people in CC every day, just to take the looting rights?
  4. Okay this is getting ridiculous. We have a problem on giran with a clan from Thailand. It seems like they play from some kind of internet café, using like 5 boxes each and being able to kill orfen/core with only a handful of people. As long as they get looting rights they will do everything in the power to make sure no one else can get it. This is the worst feature ever because there is no need to pvp for epics anymore. Any clan/cp with many computers can exploit this. The only way to stop this from happening would be to change so that the CC who deals the most damage, get all the loot. @J
  5. Started here two weeks ago as a full CP but because of people leaving we didn't manage to get it working. We are level 39 and 40, the sorc will probably be lvl 40 with 2nd class done tomorrow. Our playtime is around 19-01 (+-1h or 2) GMT+1 every day. We can use both discord & ts. A smaller group of players could also work out if you are active, so it does not have to be a full CP. Pm me here on forum or whisper me in game "Spamalot. You can also write to me on discord (Spamalot#0565)
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