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  1. Thats exactly whats gone happen For sure some Farmer comes and out DPS / lasthit you The only possible way that a normal players gets a reward from it is that Farmer is offline (just joking) Maybe set pickup rights to first hit on that chest so at least it cant be stolen away But i guess we all know that all our bad intentions on that will be fullfilt, typical lineage 2 managment
  2. @Juji hi all, The juji homunculus VP recovery Trigger only works on last hit and its not needed to recive XP/SP to trigger it. ( killing monsters that don gives XP or summons ) I am Tank when i am on party hunting this effect never triggers while i see it on DD's in party pretty often. To make it fair and not abuseable you should switch conditions to trigger it to recived XP/SP Let us know if that is possible, if not i know that as a tank or support its useless Thanks and GL
  3. @Hime@Juji HI, mabye think about a fishing update. Like this, the player only recive fishingboxes and Powerfullfish when have Prestige Pack activ GL
  4. Sure he can add this to L2 store, thats something i bet he dont need to talk to DevTeam before ^^
  5. @Juji Why there is a limit on the booster pack, it's ok to make it 1 time per account but only 300 for whole sever what a Joke!!!!! but yea maybe only 300 actives are left in this piece of crap game
  6. hi all. to be honest its nice to see that the players try to get the GM's / Dev's to take a look on that problem. The Solution would be a system that exclude players from clans that are not registerd on the siegezone is good. But everyone should know that you can leave your main clan and join into a box clan that is registerd on siege. So its not possible to exclude the ones that want to dominate the server. It will be up to the community to solve that problem, i am sure that will not happen becouse of the domination factor of a few players. One idear maybe would help if you l
  7. @Juji Thanks for 1more week Compass Event, now we need the reenter passes back in store. Why my Overlord recives confusion debuff effects from monsters when he should be immune becouse of Dominant Flag? This counts For Tank too. the only Resi that works in PVE is debuff resi. pls let me know if that is a bug or working as intendet. (Hunting region is SOS) Best regards
  8. Hi all, @Juji since last Update i see that all of my chars have more Resistance to knockback & knockdow. The consolidated of it increase the resi & succes like 100%, in SOS party Area where i hunt with my group the knockback / knockdown of Atrofa is more succesfull then before. Stun (atrofa) and faint (nuba) dont land as good as before the consolodation. Looking for an explain or an investigation if it is working as intended Best regards Grambi EDIT: I dont know if other players done same experience at other hunting areas. my focus is at SOS
  9. @Hime @Juji @Conguero Hello, First i want to note that i dont think this will happen but pls let me know if it falls on spoiled ground. Maybe think about this: Let the Dim Server on 24/7 on full system with increased stats (adena/item/XP maybe 50%) with free PVP and PK. Sieges every weekend PVP Dim Siege: all castle can get challenged by every PVP Clan LVL 10+ minimum EXPECT Aden (Clan lv14) Rune (Clan lv13) Giran (Clan lv13) Only clans that registerd as attacker of defender can enter siege Zone. eveyone ealse (the whole party or the singel player) get portet to town with
  10. Well you are right almost on all sides there the only thing that is ridiculous "its not their fault there customers aren't satisfied". If you are a GM and have a passion for the game you look after, you will try give the game atleast some ballance. So every class have a use and is at least usefull for PVE and PVP but what you see is every patch same classes get boosed. If its becouse of ncoin items or just skills. But we cant blame them becouse even if they would try to give some feedback to make it better for Western Servers, Korean Dev will say "MHM NO!". However, i suspect t
  11. @Juji or who is able to answere on that. Hello, Again we see that Items get Added that increase Skill power greatly. Since Abundence Talisman there are no items that are arcivable for a Normal player that decrease SKILL CRIT DMG. Why is that so? in fact i see DMG nummbers of more then 1mil what makes pvp realy a 3 button game (cele/UD's/pr or down). Thats sure based on item Lv of the player. What i want to point out is that there strong disbalance on increase and def of Skill crit DMG. With the ISS update are you able to add decr. skill crit dmg to Drum Melody? that will make PVP may
  12. Cant say that i like this system update but only becouse you can fail at lvl 1 on the juwels and the lowgrade scroll is L2 store lootbox item. More discusting is how the players react on this. NC dont force you to buy all this, you are hooked up by your own ambitions. thats realy a shame. This is nothing someone should have on first day at least not Lv6 item. The most players that played before GoD and L2store times know that L2 never was rewarding the player fast for anything. (remmber quest that needed like 4000 items and was daily and not even every monster rewarded you with o
  13. @Juji Thanks for at least a littel info about what is going on. Its realy sad that korea leavs you without the right tools. Kick the Dev Teams ass pls, becouse its realy a pain. For what we need Bsoe? the new teleport function works in combat
  14. Are you kidding me? they bring us broken (NA) versions of a perfect game (korea version), we pay for it and they are not even able to run a PTS to make sure it works. But if i look at "US" Planeproducers this is maybe new strategie. I am Just happy that i dont fly. Nothing wrong in being a happy customer, but the complexities you see are maybe only becouse you have no clue, if you fly i hope you jump on boing. maybe when you dead you change your mind or be a happy dead customer. "I dont want you to die! thats just a drastic example." GL all
  15. This is hopefully not all information you can give us about maintenance. Dye powder, phonix blood and so many important quest for the players that startet a new char are bugged. Since Launce all i see is unhappy comunity, do somthing about that, i would not like to see the new folkes quit fast only becouse NC staff do a awesome bad job. The old players should allready have a good experienc on that. @Cyan The new and very disturbing thing is realy that on every Launce of a new Update you use to rolle a "INGAME EVENT", when problems come up that took long to "FIX" we see somekind of "
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