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  1. Cant say that i like this system update but only becouse you can fail at lvl 1 on the juwels and the lowgrade scroll is L2 store lootbox item. More discusting is how the players react on this. NC dont force you to buy all this, you are hooked up by your own ambitions. thats realy a shame. This is nothing someone should have on first day at least not Lv6 item. The most players that played before GoD and L2store times know that L2 never was rewarding the player fast for anything. (remmber quest that needed like 4000 items and was daily and not even every monster rewarded you with one) Now with macros everyone could just farm easy. i am not sure why they waste time at instances where drop allmost 0 Find players to party with build CP's and play the game. becouse thats how you have to play it when you are no $$$$ player. You have to invest hours and hours Anyways from my point of view most in this Community should switch to WOW or something not so time intens like L2.
  2. @Juji Thanks for at least a littel info about what is going on. Its realy sad that korea leavs you without the right tools. Kick the Dev Teams ass pls, becouse its realy a pain. For what we need Bsoe? the new teleport function works in combat
  3. Are you kidding me? they bring us broken (NA) versions of a perfect game (korea version), we pay for it and they are not even able to run a PTS to make sure it works. But if i look at "US" Planeproducers this is maybe new strategie. I am Just happy that i dont fly. Nothing wrong in being a happy customer, but the complexities you see are maybe only becouse you have no clue, if you fly i hope you jump on boing. maybe when you dead you change your mind or be a happy dead customer. "I dont want you to die! thats just a drastic example." GL all
  4. This is hopefully not all information you can give us about maintenance. Dye powder, phonix blood and so many important quest for the players that startet a new char are bugged. Since Launce all i see is unhappy comunity, do somthing about that, i would not like to see the new folkes quit fast only becouse NC staff do a awesome bad job. The old players should allready have a good experienc on that. @Cyan The new and very disturbing thing is realy that on every Launce of a new Update you use to rolle a "INGAME EVENT", when problems come up that took long to "FIX" we see somekind of "COMPENSATION". Why not this time? Thanks and GL all
  5. Hi all, I totaly have to agree with dreacke on this. Why should it be NC's fault that your greed LvL is to high? they realy should made it able to trade existing shiny / reflect shirts for the new dragon Shirt. This event is the Cheapest from all shirt event's i saw untill now, there is only reason to cry about the rate's of the needed items to enchant the shirt. From what i see on YouTube the price for SA cry's lvl 7/8 are going down a littel . Its like always if you cant buy it get along with it or wait untill you can. The sad about NC-Soft and the real fail in the system is that you only can get this "TOP Ncoin items" on promotions, that they shoot out without any info for a short time. The right way would be to put this stuff into store for unlimit time so everyone could buy it when he/she is able to. over all i would say it would be a profit for players and NC becouse they would earn more cash. Anyways for me its like always no cash no time to farm atm so i will stay with +7 pReflect shirt. The players that got the imagination to need the top item will give there $ till they puke. Or finaly move to a good Lawyer. From my side GL to all becouse on this we are all just Slaves of our own success strive or greed what ever suits you better NC-soft has it easy to tickle you on the spot, the system does the rest BB
  6. the Failure of Max

    Like i mentioned in fist post we as naia players got the advatage right now. so that was pretty much to expect, i got a good feeling about Naia's future. The only thing that will possibly go wrong is Flame etc at woldchat / herovoice ....
  7. the Failure of Max

    nothing more to expect from a guy who was talking like that month ago.... let them report no scripts acriv, all they can do try to get stronger
  8. the Failure of Max

    YO, Gainak yesterday evening we had like 3 partys they had 2 and a few ppl, lets not judge them to fast. Maybe they still miss players from chronos or at this time they have just a low activaty. Lets not forget all they can do is leave to town when dead becouse they are without clanhall or castle what is a big advantage for us right now. GL and HF
  9. Quest: Against the New Enemy [exalted pt.3]

    OK since i see some ppl can not even just go hunt and count the rates them selfs. HB desertquarry only 2 monter give items so if you hunt alll 5 different you have a rate arround 1/25 HB belethmagic circel every monster expect hanibal and one other give them so you can hunt them with 1/5 rate. The monsters on every other spot at HB are not includet for this quest. For GC the rates are same at the low lvl area 1/25, 1/5 at the restoration room's party monsters on lowest floor and the floors above dont give quest items. Most of this is writhen down in description of quest when i am not totaly wrong Good Luck and Have fun
  10. the Failure of Max

    We had a good welcome for them at gainak but DH had more partys so all to say is Good Fight Lets hope there are more fights with equal nummbers GL
  11. Offline private shops

    Hello and welcome back, Its still like in the dayes you played for a private store you have to be logedin. but they added a while ago a Auctionhouse where you can sell stuff 10 items from every char at same time. so if you are willed to pay a littel for store it in auctionhouse this will maybe suits your situation. GL and hope fully your electicity will get way cheaper
  12. Great exp in weekends!!!!

    If i would be a casual player i would think mostly the same. but it would be fair if they just would give us the gaind XP calculatet with new XP tables. Some ppl fished via Ncoins up to 106 and others Xped with there CP's or Solo and invested somehow ncoins. in my point of view the XP gain the others players get with the new tables are good enough to catch up. If they just give us this 20% you talking about they got many angry costumers. The realty is that most casual players are underlved becouse they just do crap XP and instances. and this will not change even with new XP Tables strong CP's or indeviduals will always be higher LvL. i will just wait to see hit the first person 111 ^^ At all, the problem in my eyes is the player base of L2 not the L2store or promo system. Most players have no time no intention to build CP's and get there stuff, so they hang arround and the only way to get adena is buy Ncoins. They forget that this game is damn old and requiers field farm like hell. Sure you can just do instances and crap but players like this will never hit lvl 110 before this lvl content will added. Mostly players Blame Ncsoft but they should just check there ambitions and maybe overthink what is requierd to be on top. In L2 this was always many time and many friends or sad but true cash. to fix secondary marked they just added ncoins and make game free to play thats fine for me. Now back to the topic. i hope when update launce i see lvl 108 on my main If it dont happen, i will just XP like always Peace
  13. Stop Flame and learn somthing about there promotion. A short while ago they hat Top offer on Nstore Vitmaintan pack or something. Everyone knowed they would launce new update soon, means 50% based xp for a few weeks. Prepare yourselfs better when XP items in store for good price buy them and use them when its most rewarding. I dont like the Ncoin system myself but mostly the spirt of players makes it more worse. Thanks and Good luck nextime
  14. WTS Power LvL 100+

    Hello, Thanks for your interest but my CP is fighting with low activaty this days. So right now we dont take costumers, but when downtime is over add me to Friendlist. When the situation is right and you are online we maybe can arrange something Thanks
  15. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    Well all i can say is that i forgot to count was 50% xp buff from L2store. But the 100% passiv is aktiv becouse i lvled my dual, main class allready 105,35 About XP gain : we made like 5-6% on lvl 104/hour depending on field XP buff at elven. The XP is great even if you have not a party like my CP that is overpowerd for Elven Village. For the players at lvl 103-104 AF or Gos might be better becouse of Kill speed. If you keep the party small it shout be good to reach 105