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  1. Duo combo

    Which would be faster to level and less expensive to level. PR with PP .... or PS with SE... or DA with PP (or WC) Trying to pick my go to mains
  2. Why does it feel hard to get a clan/group

    I'd be in if someone wants to start a 20 - 45 ish clan. Just to level and for casual play. No expectations due to career family etc. Aden server
  3. Wts short spear 85k

    Wts short spear 85k
  4. Mat price guide

    I'm new to the game and looking to get guidance on mat prices. Please list mats and a fair price to buy/sell mats for. Also feel free to use this thread for listing items you are looking to purchase regularly so people can build a network of regular customers. Thank you.