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  1. Accused of Botting multiple times.

    Yeah because everyone has to reply to officer Sakumi when they are killing mobs while watching tv. People need to understand that SOMETIMES not every plays L2 like you. Doesn't mean they are botting.
  2. Suspicious activity

    yeah because NCsoft only bans bots with 100% certainty, RIGHT? so naive
  3. Accused of Botting multiple times.

    Same shit happened to me. To make it even worse, NCsoft even banned one of my characters claiming they had proof I was using third party software which is absolutely impossible. But hey, they can do whatever they want to you without having to explain themselves, kind of reminds me of a certain group of people about 80 years ago. They really do not give a crap how much time or money you spent, and the fact that I have been playing this game for 14 years and I have never been banned in my life. Meanwhile, I keep getting my PM spammed by the same Russian farmer for a week straight.