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  1. Prepaid Mastercard Or Prepaid Visa in Canada ?

    Thanks for the info. I looked at the site & read some of their corporate info, seems legit. Yesterday Support finally expalined to me what went down. For some reason after 2 days of having purchased NCoin with a Prepaid Visa my account was flagged " due to possible unauthorized payment activity ". (A few days before purchasing, I had a dialog with Billing, I was assured I could use it to purchase NCoin). Again thanks guys for your replies.
  2. Any can help me with Modem DSL QOS?

    MarcelloBR if you Google " configure QOS on DSL modem " you will get 417,000 results. But here's a nice infromational guide to get you started. https://www.howtogeek.com/75660/the-beginners-guide-to-qos-on-your-router/ Hope this helps
  3. Prepaid Mastercard Or Prepaid Visa in Canada ?

    Thanks for the tips & info. I looked into buying NCoin Cards but I can't find them in Canada. When I tried to purchase them from Amazon, I was met with a message stating that "the seller has blocked this purchase from your country", (Canada) . Just a little warning as to what transpired about 5 days ago. My account got locked for suspicious activty after the NCoin purchase and I had alot of back/forth with many different named customer support staff. It was starting to feel like a bad joke. After typing out a long email & heading to Linkedin to see who the current Customer Support team people are & looking up their contact numbers, their bosses & contact info, I went to the Better Bussiness Bureau site , looked up NCSoft and found 75 related complants filed against them. Now that I had compiled all this info I decided to wait a few more days for a reply from support. Checked my email an hour ago from time of this post & nothing. I checked the credit card balance & the amount for the NCoin I purchasd had been reimbursed. I then tried to login to my game account & was surpprised to see that I could login again, & of course the NCoin had been removed. All I can say is this experience for me was frustrating and do not want to invest any money into this game at this time. I still do not know why I had to got through this since there wasn't a follow up from customer support.
  4. Prepaid Mastercard Or Prepaid Visa in Canada ?

    I went with a low value $25 Visa Prepaid in the end as a "tester" & everything worked out fine. There is an "activation fee" that is tacked on at your point of purchase which goes up incrementalliy with each higher value card. (And a little tax on top of that so our Prime Minister can get himself some nice things). Also after Cad to US exchange when purchasing NCoin or whatever with the card, there's almost another 25% gone, (as of today's date: Mar 16 2018). In the end it's not cheap but it's still not too bad for hours & hours of entertainment. *Purchasing NCoins to receiving them was 3 hrs
  5. Prepaid Mastercard Or Prepaid Visa in Canada ?

    Well good news for me & hopefully some others. The following came from billing support: David Yesterday at 10:36 Hello, Thank you for contacting NCSOFT Support, You can use a Prepaid Master card or Visa as your payment method if you wish to purchase Ncoin directly from our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Regards, David NCSOFT Support Team
  6. Hi all & thanks to those of you that took time to read & answer this. I'm located in Canada & I'd like to use a Prepaid Mastercard Or Prepaid Visa to buy NCoin. I have a monthly gamming budget of a hundred bucks U.S. & would like to put it towards the game. Is there any Canadians out there that use this method successfully ? (Yes, I'm aware of PayPal & Credit Cards).