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  1. Is there some kind of bug going on ? I cannot activate 2 macros containing these skills (1 macro BTM, 1 macro Life cubic).
  2. Hello, I am returning after 2 years and I see that I cant take the moon quest. Im 25. Also, the starter pack from L2 store does not include this armor. Can I still get it ?
  3. You name it. Why don't we have a website like it was the legacy.lineage2.com or something like that (which I think it is discontinued right now) for L2 classic ? I would like to know the versions of L2 classic, the drops, the patch notes which should be easily accesibile not like now where I search through the news pages to find out the "Ages of Splendor" patch notes. Ok, the drops actually were not visible in the pre GOD lineage2 website but at least we have some kind of encyclopedia, info about skills, armor, weapons. I understand that there is l2 wiki classic but I am not sure that one is o
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