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  1. 1. Germany 2- Falexi, Worth, Inoora all from april 2004 3 I think it was Gustin 4. Falexi is now 101.87 Shillen Saint and 100 56% SwordMuse, Inoora is Stuck at 85 as is Worth 5. I made long breaks, but always came back
  2. Can Seer solo LowerGc?

    Im envious for your gear, so this isnt something I can test in lower GC. Missulas advice is good. Seer have some skills to remove aggro, deceptive blink is one, also wind blend, the second buff after a few seconds makes you invisible. ( Oly Tactic: Deceptive Blink, wind blend, repeat ) Windy Illusion will save your skin also. So In this case as just a bit improvement Compelling wind, Jump in(air rush), Sahyas Word, Hydro Flare, as long you have the red Eye or Hydro drain, deceptive blink. repeat Falexi SS, Naruse Seer
  3. Healer Buffs are Party now.

    Last Time I did buff a raid, (loon, long ago ), I flagged. So I was under the impression if you flag you want to fight for it, so PVP will follow, to take care of this competition. But that was the last use I had in Mind. I actually used my buffs soley on Adoplh and co.
  4. Healer Buffs are Party now.

    Hello, can anyone explain to me whats the logical reason to make Healer-Buffs party Buffs instead of targeted Buffs? I only see a big Nerf I cant cast them on Adolph and Consorts in Kartia or AF anymore. Cant Buff a Raid. If Im in a Party I hve an ISS to take care of the Buffs, so I dont need them at all. Why is this changed ? Falexi Shillen Saint