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  1. To play Yul, you have to be ready to spend thousands. Otherwise you will suffer as Yul. Try Eviscerator, Feoh Stormscreamer, Tyrr Maestro (from 106)..
  2. lol, nobody hide out I am too old and lazy to play without keyboard. Let the robot press keys.
  3. All here 》》》-------------- ♡♡♡ --------------->>>
  4. Made the video available by the link to explore the activity of the forum... It's dead. ☠
  5. Exactly! Half of of all things is already done. And ready to use.
  6. Me☆: https://youtu.be/dqYzJ_tvGfE EXE: https://youtu.be/fgRjR8937Sc Chikita: https://youtu.be/jwC0gg_93aw Tevas: ??$?$??$? Other$: .... Conclusion: I do not recomend to open. But if you spend, sell stones with high prices. This is the main item of this event and you paid real money for that.
  7. Current Lineage 2 has no content unlike games in your list. There is only grind. Because no grind > no level > no grind > ...
  8. Copypaste, cuz I am lazy: Global gaming software and services revenue grew 21.6% to an estimated $174.53 billion. Mobile led the way, with nearly $100 billion in annual revenue accounting for 57.2% of the market. Console content was a distant second at $40.61 billion in annual revenue while PC trailed with $34.12 billion. Think about So need wait until someone else will start provide it on PC? Good point. Sir, you're farseer.
  9. I ask for decent service for 21 century. All modern games provide this.
  10. Honestly, I am okay with farmers. If they have time, there is no problem. BUT I am against that difference between mine (not really cheap) character and farmers is not x2, x3 or even x5, but x10 in adena income (all daily zones + afk grind). What to say about newbies...
  11. Did you play other LEGAL servers? It was russian old feature. NCJP has app for smartphones. Maybe not such functional, but better then our nothing.
  12. My point is simple I will pay for Destiny + Prestige till the end of year. And If I (being solo player) will not reach 115 at least, I leave this s***t. And let they "adjust" everything they want. Second time.. I (and players like me) didn't even reach "new swamp" and they nerfed it. Nerfed IoS. Nerfed TOI .... All for tops, something for free players and nothing for middle tier. HF
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