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  1. #ncwest rate settings are 0.7-0.8 of the normal one
  2. Deep night, but I am in rage going to write this post. You've silently removed release option for A-/B-grade appearances even before update. If it gotta be done 3rd February, but why you didn't give additional info about that? Just say somebody WHY YOU MAKE the GAME WORST EACH TIME? You removed transformation quest before update and patch notes. And did zero (z e r o means n o t h i n g) compensation for that action, for the wasted scrolls. And now, you do the same? I have a couple sets and I want release them for future appearances. I will use blessed scrolls from l2 store. C
  3. Being top means being online 24/7 whatever money you spend. Do you really want it?
  4. um.. release one secret (expected many likes under this post ) : you are able to craft armour spirit stones with ether and sell them off or put them into.... BUT chance is 60%. I've tested almost the same buy from ah or craft.. Perhaps lucky boosted char is required idk.
  5. When you #ncwest will add icon informing that item have been restored? This only me who understand how important it is? https://youtu.be/CzebyTuXZzc PS. I bought another ultimate ring, so don't worry about me. But that's still not a solution.
  6. Are you from dev team? Think not about problem, think about solution. We all use login/pass then pin. How is this possible bypass that? Simple pwd/pin is a user's problem. I just ask to make mail optional. If I want choose I am able to do this old way, but if I want learn all I will use this button.
  7. Disconnects Do something with that. Destiny/Prestige is running out while people is afk. Should we buy subscription for vpnfast-like services additionally? I don't think so Launcher I remember Newerwinter Nights (many new games also have a similar UI), I played with a whole team switching between characters.. In L2 we do the same by using different instances(windows) for each character. I am ok with characters limit per machine (let the folks buy more hardware ). BUT.. can you keep different accounts logged in the launcher? It is important. Every day few times per day
  8. Check what? Description is bull #uknow. I bought a pack because of Vitality maintainting rune... Thought it's only me.
  9. @BBaZ00KA it depends on your market. Buy what's most of people trying to sell at the moment. There are many things and many ways to improve your character. Keep focus on tradable items. That's all I can say from my distant point.
  10. sh*ty math. Mobs have got reduced m. def. Old story about cap..
  11. I didn't know. I just came to AH, bought, failed. Few seconds. The item is from eligible type. I have a capture, but **** you all: if this sh*t happens for years I think that's an issue. 99% of yo'all are never looking for solutions. Is that hard to save customers and support time adding icon informing about restore? Services are provided in the worst possible way. All that NCWest does is nothing. "YOU MUST ASK ALWAYS BEFORE ENCHANTING." ALL I MUST THAT'S NO PAY FOR SUCH SERVICES. GOT IT? It change nothing in my life. I didn't come here to cry like most of you
  12. Bought NC. Sold. Bought from AH thing. Enchanted (among the same type items). Failed (don't wanna talk here how low rates they made). Submitted ticket. GMs said, we can't help. Really? They don't follow own policies: "... The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to make exceptions depending on the context of the request, and the standing of the requester's account ..." Inferences: 1. Guy who sold this item by AH got profit. 2. NCWest got profit been selling coins. 3. Customers side and point totally ignored. Why don't you mark the items be
  13. Okay. I spent much time trying set up spreadsheets auto filling from g.forms with different add-ons, but got error... I found that Discord shall be enough for applications. Also everybody will be able to track events in the feed of channel. https://discord.gg/6kf2kk56yd News also will be there: https://t.me/lineage2gvc There are all video assests. !!! You can use version I made or make your own from them. You must integrate and show intro before main clip.
  14. Something went wrong with Google Forms Publisher. I need more time to set this up. Video assets also... Required info is like this(welcome to disqus): 1. Title (of your movie) 2. Nickname (your well known most commonly used) 3. Server(Server details) - not neccessary 4. patreon.com or buymeacoffee.com - your payment link (REQUIRED) 5. Credits (if you want to say something or you have included royalty free music; your YT/Twitch channels/Other) 6. Link to GDrive video file shared only for mmomoviecontest@gmail.com By granting me access to the file, you a
  15. I'd like you to get right what you can take part in. Nobody has done this before. (At least I don't know anyone.) And we have everything to make it. In 2022, they will launch Lineage 2 Remastered, and this version will sink into oblivion. And then someday, 10 years later, you will want to show someone what you spent your best years for. And, you see, it will be cool if you can then say: "Look, it's mine... I did it." If you would like to support or express gratitude, please welcome, I will post a link for Patreon/BMC. If you don't want to, that's okay. I collect participants Patreon
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