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  1. Helio solo

    It takes seconds with draconic bow and decent gear ...
  2. TEAMPLAY : Power Level 2.0

    Funny question. I don't know why you ask. What would you like to hear? Of course, I paid! Look at my panel: each golden hourglass cost 200kk when I did it.
  3. In continuation of the previous post (cannot edit)... I'd like to see there 4/5 level boxes of jewelries. Traders have become impudent with their prices.
  4. With each event, my investment is depreciated. This makes the game more accessible and, I think, that's OK. But I agree with the guys that there are too many unnecessary things in the loot. It's better to get a thousand of R cry or gems than any Pantheon/etc (have few 8th of them from previous card event).
  5. 3 things annoying: 1) xigncode loading after login. It makes delay to log in. It is bad due second fact. 2) disconnect when player's IP has change. 3) windows 10 shortcut: I have empty shortcut (without icon) in my system. Game has been reinstalled many times.
  6. TEAMPLAY : Power Level 2.0

    Booom: https://youtu.be/W5fShkL9iJQ
  7. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    It is OK
  8. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    It was removed before maintenance. PS. I think that people are more interested in Red Libra, than in Freya's sticks..
  9. Molensa try Dragon Weapon in pvp without Pom and Sonata

    Why you always post in Naia thread?
  10. Red Libra Holiday Event Starts 12/12

    It would be good. I did not have time before态but this week I could kick the mobs.
  11. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    $2-3k or more.. As always for end-game items..
  12. Red Libra Holiday Event Starts 12/12

    When will you start giving them bans due to the use of html shouts?
  13. Lack of players killing the market

    Just another one quote. I see You like it.
  14. lol. simply don't cheat
  15. December 2018 Preview

    Freya's Ice Staff... Wish you luck