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  1. Hello, @Sunshine . Will you team make possible to launch with the same account Aden and Main? For example, Classic and Main can not work together. Launcher blocks 2nd window from itself. I mean we can not to get to server selection screen to play different version in the same time.
  2. Man, right sidestep works fine. What are you talking about?
  3. https://youtu.be/XhOTeEa3p3w 46:39 check this out. I have improved my AP long time ago.
  4. Yay, I am so scared. Will you hunting me? Please, no-o-o... (... especially while I do not play). "Support" more and... play alone.
  5. I love this game, that's why I criticize things that destroy it, that's why the most of us is here. 1. Good for NC SOFT that they have (let's say..) "addicted" players like @Wockhardt. His arguments were like these : " I am cool", "game is cool", "ncsoft/ncwest is the best", "forum people are just crybabies"... 2. Don't wanna waste my time saying the same as I said before. But simple example, IoS 1 before update 200+ kk IoS 1 after update 300+ kk IoS after fix (if they fixed. idk. didn't tested yet) ??? (gonna be 150+) Storm Isle was 200+ Storm Isle
  6. If you want that people were listen to you, be constructive in your talk.
  7. I just wanna say... They deleted my giveaway tread. HF
  8. 1 pp is enough to keep pom on 2 dds non-stop. Don't forget we r talking about trio
  9. Man, prefer what? Faster CD and better prophesy is not enought? ~10% better than overlord for Yul. ~20% better than overlord for Othel.
  10. Man, you do something wrong. My old Doomcrier ( I use dual on it ) in mage stuff with only one necklace for CD is able to keep CoB by CD and so far... Chant is enchanted +11 and give additional +82.5 seconds. (Was even more before patches)
  11. Do not forget attribute enchantment...
  12. "Slayer" Trios: Othel FS + Iss Hierophant + Tyrr Maestro Othel FS + Iss Hierophant + Eviscerator "Unstoppable" Trios: Sigel Hell Knight + Iss Hierophant + Tyrr Maestro Sigel Shillien Templar + Iss Hierophant + Tyrr Maestro Sigel Hell Knight + Iss Hierophant + Eviscerator Sigel Shillien Templar + Iss Hierophant + Eviscerator "Vortex" Trios: Feoh Storm Screamer + Iss Sword Muse + Sigel Shillien Templar Feoh Storm Screamer + Iss Sword Muse + Tyrr Dreadnought Yul Ghost Sentinel + Iss Hierophant + Aeore (Any) "Train"
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