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  1. Macro loop deletion

    Why do the people always look for ways to make their lives more difficult?
  2. Return Golden Compass Event

    Absolutely do not care about this instance as event.
  3. 1. Many people quit anyway. Timezone is latest reason to quit. 2. Merge will make gameplay at last live sever more fun. I am sure. 3. Solution is open new server. Many people come there with their own american dream - to get Hero. After, of course,when they'll get failed, population will back to the normal. Only Fafurion update is not enough to launch second server for full power. They must to prepare new economic model (like bloody server).
  4. I am here to say thanks to the L2 Team for great step for the players retention. Problem is only one: it is too late (need serious work to make come back). PS. Server merge is very good thing. But not for all. Farmers will QQ. Other players will be happy for fast party matching.
  5. ETA Red Libra

    Lineage 2 Celebration >...> Fish Event >...> Red Libra >....> Fafurion
  6. Macro loop deletion

    Wait for the next year.
  7. Yeah, I hope to make "BILLIONS of adena" . What's problem with my reputation, dear? I said, I'll release them anyway (soon or later). If few billions of adena is BIG MONEY for you, you selected wrong game. About me, I have consumables only for billions in my inventory. Half of server have the same.
  8. "Technically" it is not a trading. I don't think it's even close to how Valakas retributer changed server location.. Was that legal or illegal?
  9. Thank you for the "smart" tips. But what do I do, if I already have "some domain names" ??? PS It is my last reply to you. IMHO, I believe that the apes shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet: they become more blunt and impolite.
  10. I am not "SP" fan. So I missed some memes.
  11. We have "Live" servers also...
  12. Dude, I can explain what I offer in PM. I don't wanna flash the letters for people who is not interesting. PS. But yeah, I am holder of A letter on Aden.
  13. Dunno. I do not play any classic servers seriously. I simply offer. So leave your toxic posts elsewhere.
  14. I have a lot from previous X-mass pack..