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  1. what are the best races?

    As dagger I rather pick dwarf. For pve is the best: party buff, spoil, +30% pve dmg, race skill -1% of cooldown, more luck by default.
  2. HELP lvl 85 Yul Moonlight Sentinel

    Before it expired you should get 95+ and need R95 weapon and armor. But it is "hard way" for newbie ( to get whole r95 equipment). Better buy one more paulina set from store ( via gifting for adena or by own money) and use this until 99. 95+ lvl - you will buy r95 weapon of class, 99+ lvl - you will buy armor 99 and put there 120 of each attribute. U will continue to use paulina's jewelry set until got your own.
  3. Skills on next update

    Cmon.. Feel the difference between PVP, TVT, PVE. Ofc, mages and archers are top in TVT. But it is not about DPS, it's just about attack range.
  4. respect

    lol. Is this normal to spend 250 usd for making legendary? I can not understand what Bable2 trying to say.. For being top player you no need to buy any shit of their store. Go better buy bot for this money and put him like other "tops" in locations where drop exists. They push us along this path. What am I trying to say? ATM NCWest continues to kill payable part of own community. They still think that expensive rewardless events are interesting for people. They're holding us for fools.They do not appreciate our time and money. Customer satisfaction? Have not heard. PS. We will see at appreciation packs of them, that's bones for dogs.
  5. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    I see many people wanted to be able run servers/torrents/etc in the same time when they are plying in l2.. Idk why they leave in autoload many dev-things. May be lineage in background helps them work better... or they play with this better.. I wanted mostly only one: do not turn off shields of my antivirus every time when I log in into the game. It's borring and non-secure. Software: Avast Antivirus, vpn, streaming/capturing tools, mouse/keypad/gamepad/keyboard/... tools. I guess, all other was noticed.
  6. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    IDK wtf, but it was interesting to watch his streams..
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

    Libra will start June 20. It's 90-100% chance ( depends of ur luck ^^ ).
  8. Ha?.. But u did it [twice in previous post]. Our opinions here are worthless. I am fed.
  9. I do not know anything about your work and how hard you worked on it. But I can tell you what I did before sent my. I traveled all over the continent on a byke in search of a suitable place. For each option I wrote /loc and took a screenshot (half of this places are runner up) . Then, as it usually happens, I decided that all this does not suit me and started preparation in another place. The main idea was "Rest after heavy battles". I tried to invite more people through the world chat for a big party photo, but we have a passive server. So I wanted to make a screenshot more fun, adding my own "rock art". But if you think that drop adena over the moutain textures with a perspective was fun, then it wasn't. And, when I just did not like the distance between the letters, I again changed everything. Such kerning ... When I finished the work, making about 20 screenshots, I found a place even better than before, but the forces left me already. So, if you think that I am happy with my work by 100%, this is not true. Can you think that I laid this "life story" in detail in the letter and sent out all of them 20 screenshots? I chose the one that least I did not like, and sent as is. Now show us what you've done. And, if I find it necessary, I'll share with you my pathetic 20 stones. ADD. There is not all, but enough: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1vG-86vG4PH2VXaLTwoVVGnD4YACKi-SZ
  10. 1. Thank you all referee and participants. I'm glad that my screenshot was selected and has been placed with so different and creative screen-works. "Catshot" made me smile. ^^ 2. Everyone who saw dUdot's video understand that is top work. 1st place (not even runner-up) looks like big mistake. I'm disappointed. PS. All video-makers knows how much time it takes. ( Even my screenshot preparation took more than 5 h and I don't count place-seeking time.) #NCwasted ?
  11. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    Harvest test Resume : don't waste your money.
  12. Roadmap 2018

    I guess whole p2w stuff should be in store. Events - for bundles, sales and new items.
  13. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Poor ppl... merge is not panacea. Top geared will join DH. But what they farm in future? Like other mobs only. So no need waste money for pvp sets))). Why? Atm we don't have items to opposite Dragon weapons. (Celestial can be canceled by brooches.) So they will obtain hero by queque like now. As I said before non-obtainable by game process items is root of evil (bring back adena drop by xN-runes for low levels). Ok, we have some stupid quest where we should to kill bosses what are permanently dead; we have extremaly hight prices in-store (ok, keep it, but noone will spend soon); all game content in this localisation designed to grab our money but not for fun. Why I still play l2 and no atother games? I like dark fantasy design. Old lineage had it. Now shity dragon weapons design looks like kids stuff. I'll definetely quit that sht when they bring wings for players (Angelic jewelry already scare me). At this moment I'm thinking about some brake. I know my even not super boost become crap when I'll be back but I don't want invest in this game more money cause don't have fun feedback. Why? For the last year I spent more than 2k $ to boost my toons because of low online and I should play in windows. I remember the times when u shout in catacombs and receive exp party invitation in few min. Now need overboost if u want to be invited in Astatin. No locations between 99-102 for solo players like me. I'm bored to do kama/kartia/cc/bay day by day for poor exp. Why u do not revise instances? From 97 to 99 cc/bay with kartia 95 are preaty cool. If u have brain/passes/vitality +freya scrolls - it takes 5 days. Ofc for superion farmers it's about one day. 1st option is expansive for newbies, second is - very expansive. If u think I will stay on hb for years, I say "No". If u think I will spend 300 usd for reach 103-104 by fishing, I say "No" (I'd rather buy pve weapon). Now I will focus at low level experience by each class. Why? Cause for low levels in-store exists paulina sets and they are enough to have fun. Lifehack for my toon (everery which curently farm and enjoy) is paulina jewelry from 30days R set (I have augmented epics and don't want move them). For all instances until 99 it is ok. U did not gave for us time-limited gear(even not plane this) to be effective even against mobs 100+.. All games evolve to more casual. In few years kids can become payable part of community. Not invest in future is madness. Why u don't understand no one normal man will not spend 20k $ in our times at start in new game.. I would like better to buy boosters(like limited time abudance lvl1(even no 4th for ballance)/7sins/jew.paks) for all my toons every month for $20 and most of old and new ppl will do this. With a time it become casual spending. But you are still moving wrong way.. PS. Great idea for you. It's for free and nobody look at that, but I have to say. Wanted introduce dragon weapons? -> Add reward like dragon claws as reward to Rush. Also I want farm instanced Lindvior and took claws for him too. Why not? That was designed like instance. From 2 bosses 2 times per month = 4 claws (If u wanted make it random chance, should did it earlier). Mb some events after 6 monts of this farm. It's the best way. PPS. I don't care about 105. When exp tables will be rebuilded, they become 106-107. Now 106 need x100 experience of 105. It's artifical wall before new content will be added. Ppl, who already finished their gear setup, get rest and back with updates.
  14. 1. Is this event or no? If "yes", why teleports not for free like another event time? 2. U affraid about money, but there is no items in in-game store. Giving now will not change alot, cause u should did that in the past. 3. For now incoming players need gear for 99lvls where game start. (Shadow weapon boxes and temporary sets will be good idea.) But root(source) of problems is : U left lowlvls w/o adena. U need, we need - all need diversificated by lvls/prices and multiplycators runes in-game store. Look, If I exping my toon ( cause I love play many clasees), why I should think where I can get adena for future? I dont have as option "kill fortuna" , cause I'd better go "octavis" on main char. It solve problem with bots, If they will pay it's ok for all. But, at first, I care about payable newbies. Thay don't have adena nor items for comfortable game. 4. Innova have tranning camp. Why NCWest can't do the same for subscribers? It will be helpful. Why I should left my char in macro state and waste my pc time? I'd better pay for this, and exp as many chars as I want than log them all at virtual machines. Lower prices and give ppl more options , more ways to pay, *CENSORED*! 5. I know U prepare to the next celebration, but with such failed events and management, nothing to celebrate.
  15. Artisan question

    Just make ertheya , take any dual u wish and have fun. Artisans is useless class today. Ertheya can produce more profit items from crap of ur inventory. In the same time for craft r99 u need alot adena and base craft chance is 60%.
  16. RB Farmers: Check GM

    I agree with Quitted: server merge is not option for this time. There is very big diffrence between starters and old players. If they just merge 2 servers, two sides become one (as always before). We need more sides for interesting game. It's just little hint for NC. Solution is simple, but why I must to give it for free? No one appreciates free tips.
  17. It's no matter. I'd better pay more, but give me oportunity to feel strong. Only one rare pack change nothing today. Din't u see, usualy nobody pick 99lvl in 99 instances (the same with other lvls), cause players won't spend alot of time for daylies. Notice it. Give a chance for solo players do smtn in-game. It will be good for all: money for developers, fun for players. Update. Just right now checked up prestige pack. They removed +100% exp from there. (Idk stucked or not exp runes from prestige pack and destiny before. Answer plz if anybody knows.) I don't understand why they made improvements for Astatin farmers only(+300% adena) but forgot about newbies and casual players. [W/o gear u can't do there solo with own boxes. Solo content is dead. Plz don't remember me about Katia and shity HB.. ] Can anybody explain me they r rly brainless?
  18. Rare packs with some unplayable sh*t like immortal armor for $100 per month ? Is that joke? By the way I'm not smiling. In store is not able many items what can help users. They are not sale, players not buy from store. What NC do in this case? Right, they make some new gambling items. But tops already bored spent thousands and newbies whos look at them think: I'd better play smtn what give me more fun and be much cheaper.
  19. Dude, what u gonna do with drop? Sell in store? For adena? Back adena drop quantity for mid lvl monsters. NC, if u want positive changes sell in store items like x10 85-95lvls, x5 96-98lvls, x3 99-101lvls, x2 100+ lvls adena drop runes. And make penalty if party have low-lvl "droper", and hightlvl wo any rune. PS. Offer me and I will change your world... ..."for truly free" like u said.
  20. I'm not sure they r looking at them. We had weekend jewelry sale, but info was posted today. GJ. I had no time even prepare my money =/.
  21. What is a billion adena? Nothing for now. Impossible to get even common r99 gear. But, in the same time, newbies can't get it. So newbies can not farm in top locations. Ofc, u can stay in low-level regions, and farm them with the same-level boxes. But, if u want enjoy the game, grind is not so fun. Except ban bot-makers, U kill adena drop =/. So now, they r like Robin Hoods: produce adena for not train-players and cp-teams. I love play solo, but economic system failed. 1 more thing: Why ppl left? Not intersting. Nothing is happen. DH farm all(just for example). I'm saying not against DH or any other. We need more sides. If we have more ppl it can change ballance. NC is very greedy. U tried to get much money from 1 player who can pay alot, but u forgot players who can pay a bit. Quantity/quality dilemma. Rly, look what is going on. I spent just for last week $200 for some gear.( It was not for solo farm location ( need much more) just for comfortable play "from time to time".) And it changed nothing. I'm not satisfied. In any other game $200 per mont is crazy. 2nd "1 more thing": When paulina r95 be able in game store? It's just one of many possible items. U just loose ur money and ppl. Gret Idea and I'm giving u for free. Ofc u can send some fee from sales too *_^ . Just joke. As I said, u r greedy. Use boxed tradeble time-limited gear for events like pvp/pve 16++, gear 10++. Is this hard to unerstand? Than ask me ...until I left this game. PS I' m not native speaker. But I hope nobody needs translator. =P