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  1. There is no transfer there
  2. Buffs

    Hierophant is the best as box buffer.

    Exalted 2 Dual Daggers > Krishna +5 1h 300 att (Hunter 5 + Fire 5) in case of pve. It costs 500 kk only from Lionel in Heine. You have many ways how to boost up your character. You'd better buy (in additional) Abundance talisman lvl 1 and be happy. GL
  4. Where did the quests go?

    What kind of quests are you looking for? Kill billions of mobs ang get exalted 10 done? We are doing missions aka "clan quests" every day. But now they give only unvaluable things, because we can't even spend them for support boxes. PS. As I said in previous posts, put Atlas scrolls in daily missions.
  5. impossible to obtain rune stone new player

    mmm... 🤡 No, I do not.
  6. Depends on what do want to farm and your boost.. Best farm bundle is 2 dd + 1 iss (I prefer Warc with all the time Bison). For example: 1. 1st dd - sph with crowd control 2nd dd - yul as puller 2. 2nd dd - tyrr as puller Example for fat mobs: 1st dd - evi (maestro) 2nd dd - knife/SK/DA Don't forget also 2 archers and 1 sph, 3 summoners, etc.
  7. The Seed Bracelet FIASCO by NCWest

    tbh, even with old prices, Superior bracelets are expensive. I crafted only 7 top bracelets from ~400 elementary. After 3 attempts of combining superior one, I just bought it That's all I know. PS If I had known combine rates, I would buy more.
  8. impossible to obtain rune stone new player

    LMAO, "good chance".. Some classes need only 8 rune stones, but other ones require 20+ One stone - month, all skills - years... Don't tell me how it was before. Into the rift before: 3 toons x 30 days = 9 runes, life stones, skill books, venirs.. They force players not just play in the windows, but using many PCs. Bots are always win.
  9. Please, give 3rd stage to people just for 14 days... I want to see that chaos.
  10. It's impossible to play in the evening time.
  11. May I have my Hero coins back???

    I have a fraps, where I came up to npc and it was already wo option to start quest or learn skill.
  12. NO MORE 14 Ch BALOK

    Let's make l2 more hardcore for newbies... LoL. I remember boting trains at the rift. I know ppl who against 7 ppl parties, do it every time. They actually no need these runes on their mains. But newcomer (with bad weapon), can't even join the party. There is no random pick up for command channel. There is not enough drop for all channel. Make rune fragments tradable and let it drop at least in 10 separated fragments.
  13. Weapon Upgrade Cost

    That's explain nothing. I also think, it's a bad price. There is nobody win this way. Upgrading and making oe r110 should be quite close in costs.
  14. looking at this thread I'm thinking about why I still here.. Many servers and many games where devs respect own community and working on players feedback. I'm just waiting for new burning event. Just interesting what they will put there to get new incomes.
  15. Homunculus info

    It's always been like 60/30/10
  16. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    I remember we had drop in game and market
  17. Why is the xp so bad with this update?

    The rates we had during the event, I would call optimal. There is no desire to play in rates like now. Just look at the party matching before and after.
  18. May I have my Hero coins back???

    May be for you. But it wasn't your money at all. What would you say being at his place?
  19. May I have my Hero coins back???

    If you had read the forum carefully, you would have known that he wanted to learn this skill, but the #ncwest team avoided him. NCWest also devalued things that were very rare. It is because of the unique features of these things that real money was spent.
  20. VIT sistem - can change all server problem.

    I suggested the system with the runes (with a bit different mechanic) 2y ago... and we"re still here.
  21. are reducing clan quest rewards?

    I think their developers live on a desert island. Messages are delivered to them in a bottle, and in the same way they send hotfixes.
  22. Seed Bracelet/Elementary Bracelet

    All items came back to wh after relog. TY
  23. Seed Bracelet/Elementary Bracelet

    UPD. I don't know what is going on, but when I've back after relog, I found more bracelets inside my wh then I left there before unload... hm
  24. Seed Bracelet/Elementary Bracelet

    TY. I understand. But why I should spend my time for the tickets.. (just a rhetorical question)
  25. Seed Bracelet/Elementary Bracelet

    I lost about 250 bracelets..