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  1. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    Really. What a hell? 2 weeks no answer: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17516-is-this-joke/ No possibility to learn skill before. But this NPC is going to be deleted only this time. C'mon NCWest what's wrong with you? After restart, I will send ticket to restore my hero coins for this Sealbook (400 HC), and for 6 useless HEWRs (one I used, but if you need revert enchantment of 7th, I will be ok).

    But it still is not solution. What if wanna play with my beloved characters during weekend?

    Since evening queue I simply do not waste my time for login screen watching. Run another games and enjoy with that.
  4. Atlas's Enchants

    You do not understand. Since update everyone will be able to get Atlas +12 spends to the boters 4b only (not 6 like now). Or can make it by myself and I do it for clan reputation. I know that people might destroy market selling 103 mentees (they will do it anyway). So, perhaps,100 k coins should be given only for 104>105 level up. It's 3 marks (with clan mission), not 2 as was planning. There is no problem with procrastination in game process, but I don't like to watch for the login screen for tens minutes after every single disconnect.
  5. Atlas's Enchants

    With upcoming update, You should change Atlas's Earring enchant prices. If you was planning to make it costs 100 k mentee marks, would be better reduce it to 50 k marks each scroll. PPL with average gear (like mine) can make new 103 toon in 8 hours without spends for consumables, next 5 days I just doing Castilla and Coal Mines on it and I reach 105 (normal server settings). But this is a real challenge for new players... So I think if somebody is exping alts just for scrolls, give them fastest way for making that and delete character after. No need to overload locations (Coal Mines, BS95, BS99). New comers who desire to graduate with 105 level here, will give own mentor 2 scrolls for 104>105 level up. It will keep high prices for mentees and will help them at start a bit. Also I think that people, who can't afford to buy mentee with their own exalted gear, will be able to make own +12 earring faster. Pros: 1. Oldies will leave newbie' areas faster. 2. Newbies will get good start bonuses. 3. Servers will getless stress. Contras: Nothing and .... incompetence. PS. Your development team can send to me for this tip a big nothing. As your regular customer, It's exactly what I expect.

  7. Atlas's Enchants

    May be, it is not clear for someone.. 99 lvl - 10k marks 103 lvl - 40k marks 50k in total*
  8. Update with next maintenance

    Haha, got it. VR resist is ok for undeads, elementals and magic creatures.
  9. Update with next maintenance

    Please, enlighten me what does "vr" means?

    I think @Sesh2 is alternative @mixa's account.
  11. Paulina set for old character

    My archer alts kill around 1000 mobs per hour (while I doing noblesse quest) . But ATM BS is too laggy for me (for staying there). I no need also to make them exalted.
  12. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    I knew it... Try to login in Naia and check market. You'll see where hardcore is.
  13. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    what server are u playing on?

    Mage and tyrr ex2 weapons are very good for pve. Even knives ex2 better then krishna +5 300 att (for pve). For pvp and high lvl pve you need more attribute and better weapon.
  15. How to gear up my dagger

    depends on your item stack. u d better test it for yourself
  16. PLZ Reser server!

    Wipe them all.
  17. Unplayable Server. Lag, disconnections, etc.

    Whatever where I am living at. Even if the lags are on my side because of weekend evening traffic, queue is 1000% is not. If you have 300 characters before, it's about one hour of waiting.
  18. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    Cloaks are so expensive, cuz you neeed super stack characters for making them. All superstacks have already all cloaks they want. And nobody from them gamble for market or himself
  19. Unplayable Server. Lag, disconnections, etc.

    325, 285....etc Insane lags. As a human I am happy to have free weekend time. Bots are online, I don't. What could be better...
  20. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    As I remember You're playing for 15 years here. No wonder you have it all. You took a position in the top when it was possible to get something in game. And you just keeping it up. But what if I came back 2 years ago.. Should I spend whole car for being little bit competitive? (Cuz I spend for last 2 years only motobike (not really bad one)). And I see the results which not satisfy me. I understand there are pro players(means 24/7 nolifers (no doubt)),casual players (people who can't stay online 24/7) and difference between. It's ok. It's all right. But difference 100 times more in (not 2, not 10, even not 20) dps is *censored*.
  21. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    And one more thing.... I would advise them to review the cost of upgrading weapons R, R95, R99. Now, upgrading the +16 apocalypse to R95 is worth over a thousand dollars (don't forget need pay for R95>R99 also). Wake up +16 p99 costs $ 400-500. Being simple arithmetic, I am ready to pay $ 200-300 for whole this upgrade (R> R95>R99). They can not give people this opportunity if that money is unnecessary for them. PS NCWest think: "Everything is fine, we've got customers every single day. I work good.". I am saying: No guys. Don't forget to thank streamers and own community which keep your boat up.
  22. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    One more thing. Average price for 6slot brooch (top) 100b. But I will never buy it not just because of high price. Because, I don't have what to put into there. Unlike other players (you know where) we are not being able craft any stone for that brooch. Am I wrong? I will check after queue (stuked for 30 min in queue from 225 place...).
  23. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    They can buy everything with such adena income. I said 20x times before make runes which will rebalance adena drop amount depends on level... What do we able to craft? Crap. Drop is 0. Middle tier is forgotten. I say "middle", but that's not mean "pay few thousands over and step up to "top"". Gap is insane. And it rise and rise.. When they said "We disabled cursed swords..." (decision that change nothing absolutely), I am just laughing.. This month I am planning to spend ... (guess how much) ... right - zero. And if I somehow buy more NCcoins, I will selling them for 5kk each. Why not? If farmers do not buy, I don't care. I forgot how I farmed adena another way here. PS. Please don't tell me about balok farm etc. Soon they will cut (as always they do) and that way...
  24. Can We Get RED LIBRA Now with Server Boost?

    Wait for it. Everyone was waiting. RL + bots + broken server.. please, don't do this.