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  1. Albert Einstein You bought things and used them for months-years before they became cheaper. Many things are still so expensive. And now you QQ. Don't buy anything and suck waiting for updates.
  2. 1-2 year old items and you make discounts 25% only? Keep it up... I simply won't go to buy. Good luck, marketers.
  3. I will not join anymore parties for dailies with prophet as main ISS. Just saying...
  4. ps. Main thing of AWS is scalability potential. If it will run some instances for european players I will be happy.
  5. so true... but... yeah... “We are what we repeatedly do...” Will Durant
  6. dUdot turned off invitations because of spam as I know.. So it will be hard to join his discord
  7. Was in Ketra strong party with 720% boost... Me – 110, DDs – 114-115. Realised that I need pay for 300h vitality mode... Okay they want 1200 usd... Dear devs, If I give someone 1200 usd, I suppose to be that they will exp my char by their own hands... Worst ...
  8. Grow up to 110 and then reroll..
  9. PS. You may find many grammar mistakes, but look deeper, this is not about grammar.
  10. Original document with readable formatting is here . Strategy do not see yours, tell you mine Everyone is important. This is the main slogan. Two simple metaphors: Whales live in oceans, not in puddles. A big fish grows out of a small one. Make solo players can access 90% of the content. This is less than 40% now. Look into the future. Preparing the next generation of players. Don't make the second Essence from the Main version. The Essence should be an introductory
  11. If u need adena nerf, leave runes in wh and farm wo them. Have a nice day
  12. Started with class balance, finished with difference between pro (ppl who live in game or working there) and common players... You know, I don't care if grandpa, for example, have 10 different archers and farm with them.. Probably, he has a lot of time and spend it in game. His choice.
  13. Oly, oly .. We have also field fights (it suppose that we have.. lol) In any location where mana is unlimited, mages make a lot troubles and stay safe and farm. And yes, Mana Barrier doesen't make you unbeatable in pvp.
  14. Man, you count items that have only 5 ppl.. and then you say that u're middle... Please, don't do this. You don't know what items exactly have your opponent and what skill use. Also, if you expect that your rival will not move while you hitting him , you're doing wrong.
  15. They are not the best in everything, only versus white and green mobs.
  16. Today's morning, yul 110 with a shadow bow (): 100 boxes.
  17. Vote for remove mana barrier, increase monsters m.def (cuz this is decreased) and let them unlimited critical.. Let they play like that
  18. When people who do not know about class anything think what would be better to nerf. For me most of you looks like NC devs. They are also don't know anything and trying to balance... Yul class has imbalance inside itself. I said it before, 110 yul = 2x109 = 3x108. It is not okay. I asked stuff before do not nerf critical for yuls below 110, and now they should do not nerf cd for yuls below 110... My mage with les gear and level is able farm like my yul, but your don't. Ain't class problem. Learn how to play. Dagger is devil. If you don't know how, I simply laugh. Then 1 wa
  19. 1. I am up for the nerf. (Archer is my main.) 2. With the same gear and +0 skills my dual 107 othel kill mobs in the ivory crater faster then yul 110 – 1-2 hits. Means just overlord buff, not full stack. (That's for newbie othels here talking about balance.) 3. NC kills low geared archers. Bye-bye. Nerf doesn't affect tops, as always. Rising gap. I am against that, as always.
  20. They said, "During the promotion period, the success rate for compounding a Talisman of Protection will be 1.5 times higher..." ROFL
  21. They nerfed storm at the love event' time.
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