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  1. Main - Dual exchange service

    whoa, dude... I know what is Stone Of Destiny. But "switch main class" doesen't mean the same as "swap dual and main". In current game mechanic, duals like Dominator, Maestro, both kinds of ertheia simply doesen't exist. What sentence you do not understand this time?
  2. Main - Dual exchange service

    Seems like you think you're smart, but you're not. You'd better learn this game mechanics instead teaching me words.
  3. Main - Dual exchange service

    This This is another service, but not swap. Also ertheia have only 2 options for main: eviscerator and stratomancer.
  4. Newbie Buffs

    Buff system in lineage 2 at this moment is total crap. 3 resists - ok, harmony - ok, but 3 symphonies should be 1 buff, 4 melodies - should be 1 buffslot too.
  5. Main - Dual exchange service

    What a discussion is? Maestro, Dominator and both of Ertheya classes can not be able to swap for dual class. For Kamael, this issue doesn't exist in modern game design since a long time.
  6. I guess, you can meet them if you will storm #area51
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    Short Q: Do You plan to give players with low gear use libra weapon after event like year before? It was smart move IMO.
  8. SERVER TRANSFERS! PLS official info!

    If I be able to manage NCWest servers, I'll give server transfer right before merge.
  9. Main - Dual exchange service

    It's another source of money. Of course, loot boxes much easier way.. NC West should think about players too. This is really not so hard issue.
  10. what you thing about...

    ATM everyone plays solo (most of us for sure) or in "dead" parties. So I think, this is only hardware issue. I was talking about how this should be done last fall, maybe NCWest will wake up this season.
  11. Fishing - adena loss

    Just passing by: https://youtu.be/0YAxkWmlH3c
  12. Ride or Die

    No Drama, Late Santa
  13. 30-days packs issue

    Tell us what is the reason to buy these packs against 7-days? Please make 30-days to be able to use at Oly/Chaos. Many people buy them just for replacing few missed items. For toons is enough istina/octavis/etc, top spenders already have full sets(augmented and enchanted). You should work better with product target audience.
  14. Farm Guide

    I will not record video to show how I kill these mobs for just 2 reasons: 1. I am lazy to do this. Have a lot more interesting things to do. 2. I am not be able oneshot them (wo limits). So there is nothing to surprise you. But I did it and I know what I am talking about. I just came there checked drop (at the russian servers, they have 300k drop from each merchant), tested exp/loot and back for my dailies. I wanna finish 100-days dimensional quest ant than stop play here.
  15. Paulina's set r95-99

    I asked for a similar one year ago (with the update of l2 store). I am waiting here for people who will come to say that it will destroy market, and non-enchanted items are the same...
  16. Farm Guide

    It's not worth for me. I like to be free. I play when I want with the long as I want. You need to somehow make money for food. I can't blame you for that. He asked, I answered. 10kk(with the runes) from the monster isn't a bad thing, BUT I’m not ready to run around the same location 8 hours per day.
  17. Farm Guide

    They can't control few groups. Ofc, solo or just one party can't stay against any no lifer. But if there will come few paries, they will make choice between PKing and farm. They can't clean up location completely.
  18. Macro loop deletion

    So WHAT if they did that? They pay for being at top.
  19. Fishing event is useless

    Production and Consumption. Do you feel the difference?
  20. Update Fafurion with new server

    There is all chances for bloody server. The rest are doomed.
  21. More clients per pc

    The game aren't annoying you?
  22. Farm Guide

    I tested yesterday few locations. At this time (server settings and update), I recommend next locations. 85-90: Harnak's Ruins - loot from monsters is very frequent. Do not forget Zaken/Freya (need some boost to finish that outside of party with the runes) 90-95: Pavel Ruins (inside, not into the craters). Open field bosses (wish you luck ^^) 95-100: Silent Valley > CC/BAY, K95 > k99, Gludio, Tavern, etc. Another places are non-profitable atm imho (talking about loot). 101-104: Atelia Fortress/Refinery 104+: Elven Village > SoS. For small middle-geared groups (iss+dd and, probably, tank/heal) I strongly recommend Raiders Crossroads: each Nerva Orc Merchant it is 3kk(!basic) of adena. Also fast mob killing process and good exp from them. With pve +12 3 sa you can farm them fast. But be careful, there is many PKs. Show persistence and they spend on scrolls much more than they will benefit. That's it.
  23. 30-days packs issue

    My last word here. Greed has ruined the official servers. For me, this is extremely obvious. I am not going to describe anything more, because it is not worth my time.
  24. 30-days packs issue

    I did not come here to talk about the sales mechanism. He is so clear. I want to talk about how to interest new players to play on official servers. I absolutely do not care how much money you spent and how much more you are going to spend. This is your business. I am thinking about how to make this game more popular and profitable.
  25. 30-days packs issue

    Who said this is bad? All of you like to talk about nothing.... My question was simple...