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  1. Frustration

    NCSoft has such cool 3D designers and equally sloppy game designers. Instead of creating a player retention system, they create different patterns of isolation. The ranking system is not motivating, annoying and should be hidden deep in the game menu.
  2. Frustration

    These people, like mixa, do not understand what they say about auto-hunt. I am sure that most of players, who didn't want auto-hunt, left classic servers in few months. Auto hunting bot is a must for PVE these days. Wanna push buttons? Turn them off and hit as much as you can. If developers disable in-game macroses, I will use keypad ones. There is not a huge difference for me. But why the people should buy something if they just want, for example, drink tea looking at the monitor. Japanese players pay subscription and buy loot boxes. From this side, there is not so bad. This is good model, if all boosts usual user can get via game process for just a one year. For top tier and old players we always have many ways to spend money like enchanting, etc. While you are fully geared, you have a lot of time for communications with the newbies-oldies, clan activities, sieges, u will have fun doing some quests. Now, nobody is doing them cuz much more "interesting" is obtaining more exp than your virtual opponent. It's a race from which folks getting bored quickly.
  3. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    I started to play l2 cuz it was the first 3d game for me where chances were not defined. It gave to me an adrenaline, a drive and a lot of fun. Now, I can realise right from first spell(damage) who will win in pvp. There is no balance between players who want to farm and people who want to buy. But this is old story about crap game designers (I mean "crap gamedesigners".. whatever )... My cons: 1. Most of new items (dragon and bloody weapons, circlets, wings etc.) are getting worse over the time. Dark Fantasy... game setting... what is thaat?.... 2. They are going to delete appearance stones. It's ok. But why they always do cut off before they add new (old) things in the store? In this case, it's wrong. L2 Store is almost empty in between promotions..(don't want to continue).. 3.They gave a lot of free items, but made them useless against the monsters. So I count this update for toons, not for main characters. 4. When we will see new patches for talismans and jewelry not just item cut off? PS. Dunno why I wrote this. May be I wanted to say "I'm in", but devs don't care anyway.
  4. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    All my words 2 years earlier.
  5. Luck is a lie

    lol, the difference in between 60 and 100 is about 1%. RTFM PS. Use +7 Maphr's shirt
  6. Any advantage in using a CrossBow over normal Bow?

    Atm, all archers have the same 900 range.
  7. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Mentee can get it as part of reward box while reaching 105. Good m.def, but no additional effects without enchantment. upd. I got only one earring. Dunno about rings
  8. Forum feed, as always, is like QQ and T_T. The game is completely destroyed: there is no economy, there is no big war, there are no midle wars, there are no players. Class balance .. haha. The user interface is getting worse. The latest event showed that NCSoft has no plans to change anything. Higher prices and fewer people are the company's main strategy. Do you still believe in miracles? I am a direct person. If something is worth it, I will pay. But, at the moment, this game is not worth the money. No need to tell me that it's free to play so what do you want... I know exactly what I want: bring more players here. The elite used to play here, and now this swamp is the worst of all. My last post here, until something changes.
  9. Russian GMs

    mixa, as usual, deep minded
  10. remove restrictions from Heavnly Scroll

    ye, but before it was able to enchant no matter of existing value.
  11. remove restrictions from Heavnly Scroll

    HEAR (for hero coins): they were not previously tradeble, although this is not stated anywhere, and now, they can only be used upon to +8. Anakim Transformation Book: quest was removed and what to do now? Less and less content, more and more costs.
  12. Freya Event, again Not Worthy at all

    If even VV say no ...
  13. WTS (NAIA)

    1. Blessed Apocalypse Thrower +16 8x8x1 300 (dmg like pvp/pve bow +12) + r95 blessing scroll 100% + r99 blessing scroll 100% => upgrade (about 40b) => +16 R99 blessed for just 80b 40b for that bundle 2. Elmoreaden Cloak (pvp) +10 : phis. skill critical damage augment +7%, +5%mdef , pvp dmg +10%, 6500 dmg skill. 15b for cloak 3. Venir 17 (+3 men - more mdef), Venir 18 (+3 men, +3 wit - nice for mages) 4. Set R95 +8 Blessed Robe 5. Set R95 +8 Blessed Light 6. Enchant armor/jewelries for Adena (100% scrolls not tradeble) until +8. 7. +11 r95 blessed retributer - 10b Mail me in game LordDragnil
  14. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    What do you mean? Buy PP and apply serial code in your profile.
  15. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Reply to myself. Inclusive. I checked out.
  16. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Please, explain: October 29 inclusive or exclusive?
  17. trade is stoped in naia?

    Most famous troll ever.
  18. trade is stoped in naia?

    Let the administration explain to you what they do and why it happened.
  19. BAN from Belarus

    You speak with one of them. But it's absolutely doesn't matter. While we talk, these servers die. ATM, I see zero reason to pay and play here. Most of Naia are pro, most of Chronos are nabs. Naia is dead. Playing with bots is not for me. You should realise that I like this game, but I don't like bots, fools and empty servers.
  20. BAN from Belarus

    I don't care here about politics. It's bannable. If you do not catch cause-effect relationships. I have no need to continue. Why am I playing here? Because I value my and other people's time. I spent a lot here and gained a lot. How can I reverse that?
  21. BAN from Belarus

    True, it's other. But what is more important? You probably think that all the Europeans want to play on the servers that are in Texas. Nope. Ping and bad service I do not like it. But a lot of old players put the bunch of time and efforts in their characters. They are hostages. Old players play in constant parties. And if one leaves (usually several) then for other interest in the game is reduced. The entropy of the system is growing. I do not login for 3 weeks in the game. There is nothing to do. Before, it was communication, fast parties for instances, some activities. There is no ppl even for party matching now. Ban more players!
  22. BAN from Belarus

    Since these rules do not improve the gameplay in this way, this list is a manifestation of discrimination on national character. Imagine that many alive players will play the game. How will the bots farm than? NCWest need to take care of them. The policy of concern about robots is...
  23. BAN from Belarus

    Draeke is from Dutch (as he wrote).
  24. BAN from Belarus

    olololiol, such Don Quixote detected... Even alive RMT players are much better than bots and nubs(read nerds) like you. Many illegal servers have successful RMT economy. How did they achieve this? They are just honest with themselves: time is a money. There's no bots. Only real players can grind adena grind and sell/buy coins of luck. No trade, no economy. No players, no economy. . . I bet you just envy them. Top players/sides will always RMT. Because they have excess.
  25. Equipment excels skills. This is L2, not WC(lol).